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Friday, 5 September 2014

To the Commitment Phobic Boy/Girl...

To the Relationship Phobic Boy/ Relationship Phobic Girl,

Shit happens. So does love. You can’t control it any more than you can control the weather. Even weather forecasters get it wrong sometimes. So that’s saying something about love too… that no one is an expert. No one. You thought you loved someone, really put yourself out there and had your heart broken. Brutally. Horrible isn't it? Love makes you so vulnerable. It opens you up and it opens your heart. So now you've built up all these defenses; built up a whole suit of armor made up with emotional tests; ‘just friends’ tags; “it’s not you, it’s me” phrases or just paranoia to see who is “worthy”.

Then one person comes along willing to give you the time of day even when you cower behind your armor. They wander into your stupid life. You fight a constant battle whether you should give them a piece of you or not because they did something dumb one day like smile at you or show genuine concern for you or maybe even kiss you and now you don’t know if your life is your own anymore and you’re afraid. You blow hot and cold because you want to keep that person around but not let them get too close. You’re stuck… and now so are they.

So here’s a bitter truth for you: Love.Takes. Hostages.
It is all-consuming. That’s just how it is.

It doesn't get easier. Your fear of a repeat performance of a past failed relationship will cripple you. Like all fear cripples. No one can rescue you from heartache but yourself. People will tell you all the “would haves”, “should haves” and “could haves”. But they can’t feel the feelings for you. All you have is you and your choices. It’s all you.

Screw your failed relationship even if it was your “first love”! Someone walked in after that and made you feel whole again; made you feel like you could tell them anything when you thought you could never feel that way again. That’s the stuff that should be applauded! No one cares about your first love. If someone is willing to take a leap of faith with a broken you, it’s up to you, if you want to take a leap too.

However, you need to know, that they won’t wait around forever. It doesn't matter what they say. They are agreeing to being okay with your uncertainty only to give you space to find yourself, hoping that you’ll come around. They won’t wait forever because of a natural human tendency to survive; to move away from pain both emotional and physical. And unfortunately for you, if they wake up one day and realize you have now become the reason for that pain and that although you may desire them, you do not value them, it won’t take them long to leave.

So choose the love. Not the fear of uncertainty. You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your own way to happiness.

Get well soon,
People in the "it’s complicated'" zone

Monday, 22 July 2013

Weekend: Live, Love, Laugh!

Saturday lunch out with my friends which was waaayyyy overdue! We've planned it every weekend and the weekend came and went by without us realizing it because we’re caught so deep in our own lives. And sometimes I swear if it weren't for work or for b-school, I’d have no idea what day of the week it is!

Things can get overwhelming at times and I for one need a weekend once in a while with my friends. J  I’m sure I can’t be the only one who needs a good talk session with a friend; I know you do too every now and then. You need someone to show you the mirror when you need it or to tell you what you need to hear or to give you a fresh perspective on things or just some laughs  and sometimes that’s all you need; things just seem clearer and you get a “bring it on!” attitude. 

I guess the feeling is similar to that of a tiny vacation but for your mind only, post which, the week seems bearable. For me, there are a handful of people who help me “keep things real” which, I've come to realize is so important now as an adult. That support system. 

With so much going on in life and in the different competitive environments that we now work/ live in has become second nature to us. I know competition is healthy because it's what makes us push boundaries but the negativity that comes with it can bring anyone down. therefore, the reason why it's important to surround yourself with the positive people. They serve as your heart and mind's fuel station. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a close friend, sometimes its just someone who's on the "outside" of things to give you a fresh perspective. I don't know about you but that gives me the "I'm not the only one!" feeling. It makes me realize that it's not that my work or the people I see everyday are not interesting anymore; or that I'm not as good at this as I used to be anymore. It is in fact, time to step back and take a break and I don't mean an exotic holiday (although welcomed) I'm talking about taking a step back to get an objective view or some fresh perspective of things. If that for you means taking a trip somewhere then go for it! But what good is a vacation if you don't get a chance to clear your head and then feel that you don't really want to get back to work, as your holiday is at its end. 

So take a 'mental' break. Take that comp-off if not the weekend. Spend it with people you like and who have NOTHING to do with your work; talk about what concerns you have but don't talk about work all the time. Remember, it's your day off not a board room meeting with investors. I promise, things will make more sense and work won't feel like Democles' sword.   
On that note, here's how I spent my weekend: at Truffles with my "council" :P 

what i'm wearing: Dress- Mango, Heels- Charles & Keith, Bag- Accessorize, Collar necklace: Splash, Watch- Fossil, Lipstick- Please Me by MAC... and a smile!


Friday, 10 May 2013

My story...my words...my rules...for you!

"Lose weight now. Ask me how"

If you have been anywhere in India. You will know what this random sign on the back of a car or on a flyer meant. And if you were healthy( a very Indian way of saying FAT), you could swear you felt all those judgmental eyes piercing you, a million at a time. Or what about that cheeky classmate or workmate who makes rude remarks about your appearance and expects you to laugh with them.Well, I faced all of this and more. But I was strong.

I am not writing this to make you feel good about being unhealthy. I am not a healer. I am truth teller. So here it is. If you are not happy with your weight, your body, then only you can change it. If you choose to make excuses then that is all you're going to be left with. I often quote this line to people who seek my help - "If you always do what you do, you will always get what you got" So if you have your cuppa with whipped cream and if dessert is an event, then do not complain about your flab. You can not be two people at once - one who lives an unhealthy lifestyle and one who craves good health. This realization struck me when I was left yearning for a dress that came in an XL and I looked like a stuffed sausage in it, and it did not even zip.
Never leave anything for tomorrow that needs attention today.

The same evening I went and looked up 4 gyms. Yes, I shopped for a gym. I spoke to all the trainers. 1 out of the 4 did not judge me for being 108 kgs, and it sort of chose me.
Rule1 - Choose an activity and stick to it like glue for 5 days a week.

I worked out everyday till the time I couldn't take it any more. Wrong move - I needed to burn only 500 cals and eat 300 cals lesser to lose 500 gms of FAT per week.
Rule 2 - Weight loss = 80% diet+20%workout

I ate my largest/heaviest meal at the time of day when I had the most activity, which was my breakfast.
Rule 3 - Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper.

I worked out in the evenings. Just plain simple going to the gym and focusing on the body I wanted. I had a picture of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and JLo in their bikinis as my wallpaper.
Rule 4 - Have a visual goal. Most time when you don't know what you want, you can't achieve it.

As against popular weight loss belief, I ate carbohydrates. I ate icecream. I ate chocolate. I ate. I ate well.
Rule 5 - You can work out any time of the day. The body doesn't understand time of day or what you eat as long as it is healthy. It's a machine that understands mathematics - burn more than you eat = weight loss.

So that's a little glimpse of how I started. How I continued is another story. Human body is strange that way and gets used to a work out in 8 weeks. So I changed the game every 6 weeks. Kick boxing, weight training, combat training, power yoga, pilates, aerobics. I have done it all.
Rule 6 - Challenge your body, at least every 6 weeks.

You might like to know that it took 5 months before someone noticed that I lost a little weight, when the scale showed a whopping 15 kg loss.
Rule 7 - Please yourself and do it for yourself. Not to hear some one else tell you that you look a little lean.

I am often asked what I eat or if I am on a diet now. I was never and will never be on a diet. I changed my lifestyle. It's a choice, not a compulsion. You can choose to be FAT or you can choose to be FIT. I chose to be fit. I eat what my body will appreciate. I eat what makes my skin sing. I eat what makes me happy, healthy. So yes. I don't eat a donut or a brownie. I do not binge eat or drink. I avoid buffets like the plague. I think junk food is murder. I drink my coffee with skim/soy milk without sugar. I am sure you get the picture.
Rule 8 - Eat it and don't regret it. 

One last rule -
500 calories burnt/not eaten per 7 days of the week = 3500 calories burnt/eaten less = 500 grams of fat.
Losing fat is permanent loss. You will never gain it back.
And burning 500 calories is nothing. A class of zumba/aerobics - 700+calories. Power yoga/Bikram Yoga - 450 calories. Cleaning the house for an hour - 385 calories. Get a calorie counting app and keep track of your progress. I actually use it before I eat anything and after I have done something. Every. Single. Time.

This is how I live now. This is what I do now. This is what I am. Some say obsessed. Some say fitness freak. Some say "give it a break". Some say "Enough already". Well, I think they just can't tell dedication from obsession.

And of course  the biggest perk of getting leaner for a fashionista, like moi, is actually getting to choose what you want to buy at a store as opposed to what fits you. The awesome feeling of fitting into a dress and when you walk out of the fitting room, your husband's jaw drops to the floor in awe. The awesome feeling that every girl wants to be like you and that you actually inspire people. The awesome feeling that you do not need to look at Pinterest for inspiration. The awesome feeling that you feel it is more important to attend your yoga class than to get a pedicure to feel better. The awesome feeling that you are in charge. The awesome feeling of strength after weight training at the gym. The awesome adrenalin rush at the last sprint. The awesome feeling of endorphin filling you up. The awesome feeling that you'd rather be hot than cute.

The awesome feeling.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How many pictures in a post?

I have always wondered how many pictures make a successful blog post. Given how photogenic I am(NOT!), getting them right is so difficult. Now if you have a photographer friend, sky is the limit. But if you have to pester your husband, man friend, boy friend, friend, maid, watchman for pictures then it's a different story altogether. I was chatting up with a fellow blogger recently and some how I had this notion about her that she must have it all under control for pictures. But, that notion was shattered when she told me she struggled to get a stash of pictures. If you had to look at her blog, you'd also be surprised hearing that.

So can I be a blogger with just one picture per post? Ignoring the fact that my last few posts have been pictures-less and the fact that I have an audience of 8 including my parents. I am guessing its OK. Well, what choice do I have. Didn't that girl who took selfies in front of a mirror get famous or is that just a dream I had?

Anyhow, I don't know what is on offer from the IT fashionista. All I can say is it'll be more than just pictures. Hopefully.

Saturday, 27 April 2013


I guess my last post was some time in mid-March. And now it's end of April. That's a long time in blog world. Let's call it my break to find inspiration. Honestly, between neons, monochromatic vertical stripes. sheers, and blah-blah, there was hardly any inspiration. Summer is not one of my best fashion months, since I only want to live in my swim suit. I truly appreciate my fellow bloggers in consistently delivering looks after looks. I have seen neons, sheers, stripes more than I need to in my life time. I can't wait for the rains to start, which will of course result in a bevy of post about 'how to rain proof your make-up' or how gumboots will be neon or striped or maybe even sheer. I don't want to sound condescending, or maybe I do.

What I did feel over the last month and a half is that there is a definite disconnect between the real world and the fashion world. Funnily, all bloggers source from the very real malls that all of us go to, probably more than our religious shrines. So if the real housewives of Kanpur, Raipur, Fatehpur, etc are listening, likelihood of which is subzero, I want to tell you that I want to keep it real. But such is the ecstasy of fashion blogging that I get sucked up in to oxblood for winter, neons for summer, gumboots for rain, so on and so forth.

I have decided to document the world around me along with random fashion moments in my life. I guess the point that I have been missing all these days is that beauty is in everything. Fashion is just what enhances that beauty. I am sure all of us are doing what we think is fashionable. So why follow rules. I am sure some one out there is still wearing oxblood. Heck! I wore dark berry lips couple of weeks back.

I have also decided that my true calling is typing away at the keyboard generating a string of words. Not posting pictures of myself in various locales of my locality. I mean not JUST posting pictures. I can't escape from narcissism. Can I? Can anyone?

My fashion moment right now is wearing a Hello Kitty nightie, unwashed make-up from last night and a  messy hair(updo). If that's not a fashion moment then what is?!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Inspire Me Please

And I say that with a straight face. No sarcasm. No twisted humor. I am uninspired. I thought it was a blogger's block but I am uninspired. For the last 10 or so days I did a lot of reading of posts by fellow bloggers to see what is inspiring them. And what am I missing? I almost doubted my own ability to understand, analyze, admire fashion. I must say, some bloggers were inspired and some were inspired just by page view numbers.

This brings me back to the (in)famous statement "All bloggers write the same stuff". I am starting to believe that. It was spring summer, Delhi couture week, who wore what, outfit of the day, etc. So how are we to help you? What do you want to read? How to look like the other thousands of fashionistas around the world?

Incidentally, there are a few who are a fashion statement all on their own. They don't shove it in your face. They keep it simple and inspire that you can do it too by not screaming it at you but letting their style speak. The one I love to read every morning is Kanwal J. There is nothing astronomically unattainable fancy about this blog, other than the impeccable sense of bringing in so many trends and making it so simple to incorporate. She, I must say, is the first to wear a trend, in a way that you feel you can wear it to any place - work or play. She is real and keeps it real. This one is a 'must go to' website at least a few times a week (or day).

So while I continue for quest for further inspiration, let Kanwal inspire you as she has most certainly inspired me.

I could have called this post - Blog Review of the week and have your attention in a second. But, that's not Kanwal's style. It's muted, classic, feminine and chic.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts this past month, exams have kept this bee quite busy and of course it only made sense to reward myself with a little surprise trip to big sis's place in Pune. Why? Because I needed a break and she needed a surprise or maybe I needed an excuse to- wait a minute! When has travel ever needed an excuse? In fact aren't the trips that you take spontaneously usually the best ones ever? when was the last time you did that? Just packed your bags and decided to hit the road and I mean like a travel adventure not leave home! :P I know going from one city to another doesn't count as a "travel adventure" really but the journey did make me think about a few things -- (darn train windows - making people question their lives since 1825!) some of us work towards our passion, are lucky enough to go to a job that offers just that and are driven by it and some of us work towards making a living but passion involved... ummm, not so much. Sometime the two meet and we're truly happy and sometimes they don't and we learn to adjust. But in both cases just once in a while we get stuck in the mundane life of work, college and school so driven to make a living that we might seem to be moving away from making a life. That trip you keep postponing? That art project you thought you'd finish or at least start, two Summers ago; that trip to a historical monument; the little adventures. Yes, I know I can't possibly be the only one to feel that way. So what do we do about it? Are we already working on a retirement plan or are we really supposed to make and live a life that we could look back on, laugh and say "Man! I did some crazy sh**!!" or say "oh should have done that! That would have been fun!" To me, well I'd like to have a life filled with "oh hell!s" than "oh well!s" yes I know it's easier said than done. I also am well aware that goin after what makes you happy instead of what you think is expected is difficult. You'll likely face opposition and questions like "that's all well and good, but what do you really do?" it'll be filled with faliures and It will be exhausting but there is hope...for there will be happines from satisfaction of having tried or done that one thing and maybe even been lucky enough to make a life out of it and if not, then oh well, you win some and you learn some! So what's the point of this long drawn thought process? It is this- Carpe Diem. Take that break and explore. Live and truly mean it. In the end I'd like to leave you with something that my father has told me often "if you're living in depression, you're living in the past. If you're anxious, you're living in the future and if you're happy, you are in the present." I know that's where I wanna be!


(top- AND, pants- Pantaloon, shoes- Lemon, bangles- thrifted, bag - a boutique in Pune, blue eyeliner- Bourjois Paris)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wandering thoughts Wednesdays!

It's fun coming up with these lame aliterations. To think that I am a good writer, or blogger. Are bloggers writers? Or do I need to get a certifying authority to sign off on that? I guess I do. So let's just stick to being a good blogger. 'Coz I put up PWEEETTTYYYY PICTURES!

I am a huge fan of the Man Repeller. The humor in her posts makes me read each of them atleast twice. It could also mean that my comprehencsion is low. But let's not go there! What fascinated me was her picture that says "All Bloggers write about the same stuff" Do we? I think we might be. The trends are prophesized by some one sitting in a beautiful corner office in a high rise building in either Paris, Milan, New york or Timbaktu. And we all think its cool to be trendy and write about those trends.

So what sets a blogger apart? A fashion blogger at that? I think the trick is to personalize it. Isn't that why Cupcakes and Cashmere is the first website many open on any given day? Or The Man Repeller for that? To hear what a person with an opinion has to say. The Sartorialist - To see fashion in its primal state, on the streets, on people who may have nothing to do with creating fashion.

I guess, staying true to oneself is what many of us often forget. I haven't done a trend for so long on my blog. And I think I won't for some time too since I am bored to see so many talking and writing about them AND being much better at it. I, for one, am a crazy blogger - moody, opinionated, grammatically incorrect at times. Oh! And I also repeat my clothes. And I also start a sentence with an 'and'.

Stay raw!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Fried at work Fridays!

Today wasn't a Thank God It's Friday day. It was more like Thank God I am Home and Alone day. You know one of those days that you feel you'd feel better telling people off for the low IQ's or that every one around you seems like a hillbilly. When you crave to catch a quite corner. So desperate for some alone time that the restroom stall seems like a great option. You snap when you hear your name taken. The kind of day that even an awesome outfit can't make. That was my day. And why you may ask. I don't know. Simple as that. I can blame it on "that time of the month". But then looks like I should have that time come around more often than once a month, given my mood swings lately.

I tried chocolate. I tried a pizza. I tried new shoes. I tried a cute hairdo. I tried a great outfit. It didn't work. Heck I didn't even take a picture of myself!

Hoping for the dark cloud to pass and the weekend to be especially sunny!

You have a great Friday night. I'm just having a one night stand tonight. With a tub of ice-cream. You know the kind you regret the next morning.

PS - Louis Vuitton is out with some new Monogrammed Bags. Check them out at www.louisvuitton.com

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Strength of a woman..!

In the wake of the recent events in our lovely country, I have come to realize that women have lost sight of their strength and true purpose. We post and share pictures on various social networking sites about how badly we feel about what's happening and yet, somehow, have lost the drive, courage, strength and spirit deep down. I, myself, think twice before heading out after hours alone. I call my man before I leave from work and after I reach home. We are safe, but caged. What happened to the free spirit that we were brought up with?

There are many debates about who to blame. What about the debates about what to change? Long back I read a shared post that talked about bringing boys up with the right thinking than shackling girls up in the metaphorical chains of what to wear, how to talk, when to go out.

In my minute and humble opinion, boys and girls who are allowed social interactions with each other, say in schools, and proper sex education, learn to respect each other and most importantly understand differences which sensitize them about how each one behaves.

Bring back Moral Sciences in schools..!!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Power of positive thinking?

Haven't we read this one before?! But where did the wind blow that piece of paper where they wrote about how to get out of a rotten mood, pull up your socks and face your damn demon?! Where's that on the menu, huh?

It's not easy. Some times I just can't figure how and why I got in this rotten mood? Was it the lack of sleep thanks to the barking dogs in my neighborhood or the fact that I had to get to work the day after? Or the anxiety of pending bills? Or the fact that I have head of flat hair today? I DON'T KNOW!

What I do know is that only i have the power to feel better. No one, not even Prince Charming can get me out of this rut if I choose not to! So i am pledging this today, again, to myself that I will restart my day today at 11.18 AM with a positive outlook. I will feel good about the fact that my café mocha was extra delicious this morning, that my pants fit a bit loose this morning, my house-keeper turned up a whole hour early today and that my house was clean before I finished my last brown bread toast. I started the good habit of having water as soon as I wake up and adding a teaspoon of honey to my brekky. I sent an I Love You text to Mr.Man just now. The sun is sunnier today and I start at a new gym today! My life's simple or should I say un-complex. So why the rotten mood. And one rotten apple spoils the bunch. Well, I am more a pear than an apple now!

Why am I rambling(yet again). A: because I can. B: because you're the best audience I can get.

So moral. This post must have a moral. Look at the glass as half full because it's the way achievers, winners look at it. And I ain't no loser missy!

A fashionista must feel as good as she looks. And I look lovely, so my feelings must echo that!

UPDATE at 11.49 AM: And the right songs just starts up- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Pics for visual appeal in case the writing isn't appealing enough(please note the sarcasm):

Friday, 11 January 2013

What The Eff - Fridays...!

Friday: A day when the skies are bluer, the grass is greener, the birds are chirpier, songs are merrier and life is prettier. Friday: Also a day when women in my office wash their hair. And this is NOT my observation but of a friend of the opposite sex.
So how did he conclude this? Apparently, he noticed that women make an effort to dress well on Fridays. This I, believe, is not true because I make an effort every day and I am a woman. Heck! I keep 5 minutes aside just to get my mascara right. But, believe him I must, since he is an avid observer/admirer of the fairer sex – us pretty women. I think we all appreciate beauty; God’s beautiful creatures of either sex. C’mon don’t roll your eyes! I know you look at the well turned out boys or (and) girls.
I don’t care about how the boys came up with the theory that women wash their hair only on Fridays or how they concluded that women make an effort to dress well only on Fridays. What I want to set straight is we make an effort every day. And if there are those who don’t, then you’re just not using your God gifted privilege card of being a girl. You have the power to dress, to impress, to inspire.
I read a quote some time back: “Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness”. And my Mama taught me to be very polite.
The other day, I met a girl who asked me how many times I retouched my make up in the day. I was surprised at her question. I thought she’d much rather ask me where I got my bag from or my shoes or my dress. Then I realized that women may buy fashionable items since they have a visual appeal but are afraid to experiment with make-up lest they look made up. Ummm. Wrong! Just like men should shave to look presentable, women should wear the right AND the right amount of make-up. Why do you think stewardesses wear make-up?  It’s loud but it’s mandatory. Human beings are visual creatures. Admit it. We take anything and anyone seriously when they are visually appealing. What about that management quote we hear so often “Dress for the position you want to be at not the one you’re at” or words to that effect. And FYI, I don’t retouch my make-up, I just use quality stuff that lasts and blends well. Piece of advice to the novice: quality over price.
So why is my tone offensive today? Because I AM offended. I am offended when I hear comments like “You must take so long to get dressed.” I take the same time as you, if not less since I squeeze in a healthy breakfast too and I am here 5 minutes before you. “Are you going to a party?” I am already at one – my life is a party and I celebrate every second. “You are so high maintenance” I am maintaining myself and if I am high maintenance, you need to adjust your standards. Actually this one isn’t offensive. I look at it from the glass half full perspective: high maintenance =quality.  “You must finish your salary in the first 10 days of its credit” It’s called money management, wealth management or assets/liabilities management or whatever the heck!
There was a time when I would actually respond to such comments. I stopped. Now I let the sound of my astute sense of fashion and grooming silence them.
Au revoir; until another day, another post, another mood.

IT Fashionista

PS: Here are some equally visually appealing shots of the highlights of my week. Don't miss my new orange lippy!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

7 hours of shopping and 70 pieces of clothing?

I guess not! Just 4 pieces. I am disappointed with my speed of buying pieces of awesomeness. Actually I think I am still pretty good. What got in the way was loooooong queues at the fitting rooms. Yup, there was a sale everywhere! What I don't understand is why would people pay "Upto" 50% off for things of the last season? Coz fashion comes back? Uh, only every 5 years. So do we buy stuff at sales and stash them away for 5 years? Hey I don't want to offend avid sale shoppers but I guess I just don't get it that one would buy a 3200/- last season dress at 2730/-. And what about the waiting for hours to try on things you're not sure you want to buy but buy because its on the OMG-50% off rack! Really do you need another black dress? Oh this one is a cowl neck and that's why its different from the other 20 that you have already. OK you should totally get it!

My ramblings will go on. I do not shop at sales because I refuse to fall prey. But I got stuck in the stampede since I went to the mall to catch a movie there and thought why not get something pretty. Bad Move!  But while waiting in the queue in Zara, which I should mention was like the piles of clothes in Sarojini in Delhi with sales men in black suits, I over heard a young lady say "That's why I tell you, you should wait for the sale to pick up stuff from such branded stores" Umm, you forgot to mention you should also pack a sandwich, an apple, a bottle of water and a folding chair. So I gave up half way through the line after I glanced back at my manfriend and he gave me the look "Really? You? Sale? Line? Waiting?" and I shot back a shameful "Yeah you're right" and left. Lucky for the rest 20009987498347 people in the line.

So what DID I buy? A dress from Mango only because the line was 2 ladies long or 6 dresses long. Whatever! Two blouses and a skirt from Vero Moda since I tried them on over the clothes I was wearing. I was missing the street shopping where you try on stuff over your clothes, not anymore.

Blog about those soon. Right now I am still resting from the madness.

The Mall:

Leopard Print Lace Back Guess dress that dreams are made of:

Something everyone was clicking:

Look at the people in the background! This is what it was - A Blur

The much needed coffee break!

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Day New Place New Post...

I am writing today! I am finally pouring my heart out on to a blank screen today! I am framing sentences describing my sentiments today, after a hiatus of what felt like a thousand years!

I have so much to say and don't know where to start. Let me start at the very beginning or at the very end of the last time that I remember what I wrote about. The thing is I don't remember either. The last month or two have been a blur. I have no idea how my life changed in a matter of a few days. I got MARRIED and it changed my world. I am not complaining. I loved the change. I love the man. What I could have done without was the craziness that moving to a new place brings with it. So this blog post should be titled " how I moved to Pune, Maharashtra, India" or "the ITnista in Wonderland".

I write this post in the comfort of my new home, with a background score of the microwave heating my tea for a 3rd time and the washing machine churning out a load of freshly washed clothes. Ah the life of an "Independent" Fashion Blogger. Who knew Independent meant responsible, organized and meticulous!

So back to the adventures in Wonderland. I call Pune a Wonderland only because of the variety of stores that offer an awesome selection of awesomeness, a.k.a. pretty li'l things. I treated myself to a little Zara, a little Forever New and a lot of Vero Moda. I thought I deserved that after the epic journey I took in a span of 2 weeks - Hyderabad - Kolkata - Assam - Hyderabad - Port Blair - Hyderabad - Pune. OMG! I can't even say it one breath. At the end of it I thought the Hyderabad airport authority will honor me by letting me pass through without security check. Nope didn't happen! Those guys are a tough cookie to crumble.

Pune is a lovely place for the young and the young at heart. It offers many many many malls, even more places to eat and chill, lovely party destinations filled with lovelier people. I am pleased. Although, I do miss Hyderabad, the biryani, the sheesha, friends, family. But as my friend eloquently says "It's just a matter of time". Pune will be my new Hyderabad. Or will it?

All in all, I can say the adventure continues. Everyday I either fight a dragon or earn a mushroom. Mario! Well I feel like Super Mario! Here's the proof:

NYE at Ista

Office Office:

Coffee date with the Man and the Bag

Pretty little things:

Jack and me at the best Inox in Pune:

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year..! 2013...!

Happy new year to all you lovely and fashionable people.

I know I am 4 days late in wishing everyone on the world wide web. It's inexcusable! But what about making phone calls? I remember, during the pre-facebook, pre-orkut, pre-twitter days, we all picked up the phone and called everyone. This year I hardly got any calls - actually just 2. So this year I'm going to pick up the phone and make calls more often.

On a totally unrelated note - At the onset of this new year, I'd like to share that Confessions of the IT fashionista is soon going to get a make over. There are some things that need settling and are pending finalization, hence the lack of posts and the reason for my absence.

I'll be back with a bang! However, I will keep posting sporadically until the big reveal..!

Love and warm wishes for the mew year!

Friday, 9 November 2012

I Love the 80's!

This morning I found myself jamming to Michael Jackson's Thriller and watching Back to The Future series for what is probably the 552722nd time and would probably watch it again. Lol! Always loved that movie since the time I was a little kid. Who wouldn't love the concept of time traveling into the past in a super cool car and try to change the present by changing the past but in fact you travel into your own future-to-be which is, like I said, the past! Yes, it blew my mind away too as a kid. So it's only obvious that it reminds me of my childhood and all the good memories that come along with it.True I'm not an 80's kid and was in fact born in the advent of the next decade, I can't help but relate to the 80's thanks to all the good things about the 80's that spilled over to the 90's.

Here are a couple of some of the best things about the 80's:

1) Thriller - Michael Jackson

2) Back to The Future

3) These shoes:- Jellies (yes we still wear these)

The current Vivienne Westwood version: Lady Dragon-heart Shoes <3 
4) Transformers!! 
    Yes they've been around for the past 25 years :P 

5) E.T. 

5) This awesome game: Mario

6) Full House

7) Small Wonder

8) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

9) Pac-Man

10) Dirty Dancing 

11) Honey I Shrunk the Kids

12) Madonna 

13) Leg Warmers! 

13) This Song!!! Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle

14) Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd 

And keeping the 80's in mind; the decade which was all about the originals and firsts and not the remakes and remixes, this is what I wore today: 80's geek chic  

Skull embellished grey top- Splash, Skirt- City Chic, "I <3 the 80's" Bag- Missy, Shoes- gifted!(Aizawl, Mizoram), Watch-Fossil, Bangles- neon pink and metal ones are from Lifestyle & threaded ones are thrifted, Dancing bee ring- Colaba street(mumbai), Black frames - gifted (Rayban,Courtesy - Pranay Gupta), 
Lipstick- M.A.C "Booyah!!!"