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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wandering thoughts Wednesdays!

It's fun coming up with these lame aliterations. To think that I am a good writer, or blogger. Are bloggers writers? Or do I need to get a certifying authority to sign off on that? I guess I do. So let's just stick to being a good blogger. 'Coz I put up PWEEETTTYYYY PICTURES!

I am a huge fan of the Man Repeller. The humor in her posts makes me read each of them atleast twice. It could also mean that my comprehencsion is low. But let's not go there! What fascinated me was her picture that says "All Bloggers write about the same stuff" Do we? I think we might be. The trends are prophesized by some one sitting in a beautiful corner office in a high rise building in either Paris, Milan, New york or Timbaktu. And we all think its cool to be trendy and write about those trends.

So what sets a blogger apart? A fashion blogger at that? I think the trick is to personalize it. Isn't that why Cupcakes and Cashmere is the first website many open on any given day? Or The Man Repeller for that? To hear what a person with an opinion has to say. The Sartorialist - To see fashion in its primal state, on the streets, on people who may have nothing to do with creating fashion.

I guess, staying true to oneself is what many of us often forget. I haven't done a trend for so long on my blog. And I think I won't for some time too since I am bored to see so many talking and writing about them AND being much better at it. I, for one, am a crazy blogger - moody, opinionated, grammatically incorrect at times. Oh! And I also repeat my clothes. And I also start a sentence with an 'and'.

Stay raw!

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