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We are Anulekha and Arushikha; two fashion bloggers and the creative minds behind this blog. As similar as our names may sound we are as different as chalk and cheese in terms of style, fashion, thoughts, Ideas, careers and even the cities we live in – Pune and Hyderabad.

Then what brings us together, you ask? The very same differences which means we have a world to offer and inspire you with! We complement each other in terms of our thoughts and ideas and harmonize in terms of fashion and style. So our style ranges from experimental and electric to classic and vintage. That, and we’re sisters who started off our individual blogs a year ago and soon saw the explosive combination we would make if we combined and we thought to ourselves, well, why not! 

We love fashion and people and things that inspire it. We believe that a person can look as fabulous as they want, no matter what their size or shape, (or their wallet’s!) but only if they choose to; just like Helen Brown once said "there are no such things as ugly women, just lazy."

So what IS our purpose? Our quest? We want to bring affordable fashion to all the women in our city and our country, who may or may not be on a budget. But then again, a penny saved is a penny earned! The fashion may be online or available in a store. Our blog is not limited to just fashion, it includes beauty, DIYs, fitness to name a few. This blog is positive thinking and happy thoughts to our readers, dressed from head-to-toe in fashion and love.  


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