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Monday, 22 July 2013

Weekend: Live, Love, Laugh!

Saturday lunch out with my friends which was waaayyyy overdue! We've planned it every weekend and the weekend came and went by without us realizing it because we’re caught so deep in our own lives. And sometimes I swear if it weren't for work or for b-school, I’d have no idea what day of the week it is!

Things can get overwhelming at times and I for one need a weekend once in a while with my friends. J  I’m sure I can’t be the only one who needs a good talk session with a friend; I know you do too every now and then. You need someone to show you the mirror when you need it or to tell you what you need to hear or to give you a fresh perspective on things or just some laughs  and sometimes that’s all you need; things just seem clearer and you get a “bring it on!” attitude. 

I guess the feeling is similar to that of a tiny vacation but for your mind only, post which, the week seems bearable. For me, there are a handful of people who help me “keep things real” which, I've come to realize is so important now as an adult. That support system. 

With so much going on in life and in the different competitive environments that we now work/ live in has become second nature to us. I know competition is healthy because it's what makes us push boundaries but the negativity that comes with it can bring anyone down. therefore, the reason why it's important to surround yourself with the positive people. They serve as your heart and mind's fuel station. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a close friend, sometimes its just someone who's on the "outside" of things to give you a fresh perspective. I don't know about you but that gives me the "I'm not the only one!" feeling. It makes me realize that it's not that my work or the people I see everyday are not interesting anymore; or that I'm not as good at this as I used to be anymore. It is in fact, time to step back and take a break and I don't mean an exotic holiday (although welcomed) I'm talking about taking a step back to get an objective view or some fresh perspective of things. If that for you means taking a trip somewhere then go for it! But what good is a vacation if you don't get a chance to clear your head and then feel that you don't really want to get back to work, as your holiday is at its end. 

So take a 'mental' break. Take that comp-off if not the weekend. Spend it with people you like and who have NOTHING to do with your work; talk about what concerns you have but don't talk about work all the time. Remember, it's your day off not a board room meeting with investors. I promise, things will make more sense and work won't feel like Democles' sword.   
On that note, here's how I spent my weekend: at Truffles with my "council" :P 

what i'm wearing: Dress- Mango, Heels- Charles & Keith, Bag- Accessorize, Collar necklace: Splash, Watch- Fossil, Lipstick- Please Me by MAC... and a smile!



  1. Nice photos, dear!

    Much love from Germany



  2. you look very pretty in this outfit.Love the details on your collar.


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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. Thanks Karina! :D Just realized the title of this post of mine is the same title as your blog. <3

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  5. uuuh thx for ur sweet comment on my blog!!! It was soo nice of you ♥
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  6. Nice post :) I love your collar... so amazing! Thanks for your comment and following... I am following you back :)