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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Should we mess with our staples?

While foraging for food this afternoon, I found myself lost in Sephora.  Yes, again. Sephora is the land of magic that transforms, elevates and revives my inner peace. I am sure most of you reading this agree.

So I found myself in Sephora again to pick up my eyebrow staples since I had run out of the stash of pencils that I buy in bulk, just in case of an apocalypse. Yes, I want my eyebrows on point, while a zombie is trying to break into my house and eat me alive. Yes.

I go over to NYX, avoiding eye contact with Urban Decay, Tarte, Make up Forever, Stila and the likes. Believe you me, they were all sniggering- the makeup not the people in the store! I was the only one there in the middle of the day, 1 hour into opening, pre-lunch time besides the housekeeping. The sales assistant, who is now my dear friend, came over to say hello and I told her sheepishly "I've run out of my eyebrow pencil and I am here to pick it up in Espresso". She promptly went into the stock and scooped out the entire stock of eyebrow pencils in Espresso, took one out and handed it over to me. I said "Erm…" To which she said "Do you need one more?" to which I replied "How about 3 more?" We both didn't say a word but looked at each with the look of "I hear ya sistah" in our eyes. We knew each other's souls. We had a moment.

After that, I made my way to the cashier, trying my best not to look at anything, no eye shadows, no highlighters, and no hair products. There are exactly 34 floor tiles between NYX and the cashier in the Sephora I went to. I had my eyes peeled to the floor. I promised myself one (or three) items and nothing more. I was so proud of me until, it was my turn and there it was - the new Benefit Awesome Brows collection. Right there in all its glory, glistening and sparkling and pretty. My aforementioned friend appeared out of nowhere (I think she is my makeup genie) and started gushing about how amazing it is and how she knew I have all of them in their erstwhile avatars – browzings, gimme brow, highbrow. She sold them to me. She knew. And just how desperately I had to have these new ones. So I paid for my pale, lack-lustre NYX brow pencils (they are my staples, just like boroline) and followed my genie to the Benefit counter. Both of us magically turned 12 like we'd never seen makeup before. She and I both picked up all the products and brought them to the trial area. We sat there and tried everything on top of everything. Lucky for her, she's a makeup artist so she can look like she fell in makeup. I, on the other hand, ran out of time and here I am writing this, at my desk, with eyebrows on point in every possible shade available in Benefit.

Oh! I almost forgot, would you mess with your staples? Maybe I'll write about it another time.

Friday, 24 June 2016

How being sick can aggravate your FOMO...

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out - a lifelong condition with no cure.You either die of it or live with it)

My sister asked me not to rant but if I don't then I practically have no voice, no text to type. I've accepted that I am picky and always have an opinion that needs to be heard. You call it rant, I call it freedom of speech.

I digress, this post is not about me. Oh wait, it is. No. It is by me for you. Read on. I promise a laugh. OK, a smirk.

I have been sick since last week. While the world is worrying about Britain leaving the European Union, I have been worrying about my clogged nose and croaky voice. I promise you I am not a whiner. I am strong willed and have been living by myself for a long time now to deal with this shit. And yet on the first day of running a fever, I cried because my Mom wasn't around to fuss over me. Strong willed, mind you. And 31.

To cut the long story short - I cried, sighed, wiped my tears, went to the doc, bought the meds, some much needed Starbucks and then watched the clock tick till I started feeling better. That's when my body started playing mind games with me - I'd be OK in the morn and sick as hell in the evening. My parents almost called the Foreign Ministry to extradite me back to India.

While the mind games were on, I realized how frustrating it is that your friends are not sick with you. I tried to spread the infection. I swear I did. They avoided me like the plague while whatsapp group chats buzzed away with plans for every freakin night of the week. Even Monday. If you know anything about living the expat life, you know you go out every night of the week. Also a reason for my "downfall". I went out every night of the week, worked 10 hrs a day and worked out 2 hrs a day (Singapore is a late night city, we get out after 9/10 PM for those who are super smart at adding all those hours up. Smart-arse!)

So here I am on a Friday night at home, watching re-runs, watching my FOMO soar to newer heights with each passing minute, second. I currently feel like my friends are doing the most epic things in the world right now. It's all happening tonight. And all I'll get is sorry ass pictures on all social media apps. I feel like they are riding lions into the sunset on a white sandy island with margaritas in their hands. I feel like they're partying with all the Rugby teams who for some figment of my imagination are at the Penny Black in Boat quay (a popular pub here). I can imagine my dear friend doing body shots off their washboard abs while I am watching the Minions say Ba-na-na. FML. To cheer myself up, I deliverooed a fancy dinner, it arrived and I ate it imagining my friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant that turns into a wild bar, chowing down tacos and hitting back tequila shots. Mind you, the Minions are still on - Ba Na Na.

So how is this FOMO aggravated? It is in my head and my head alone. 2 of my friends are away for the weekend. The rest are watching a movie in the cinema, that I watched last week. But I still sulk. Only because I am unwell, only because I am home on a Friday night, my first Friday night-in in over 9 months.