I guess my last post was some time in mid-March. And now it's end of April. That's a long time in blog world. Let's call it my break to find inspiration. Honestly, between neons, monochromatic vertical stripes. sheers, and blah-blah, there was hardly any inspiration. Summer is not one of my best fashion months, since I only want to live in my swim suit. I truly appreciate my fellow bloggers in consistently delivering looks after looks. I have seen neons, sheers, stripes more than I need to in my life time. I can't wait for the rains to start, which will of course result in a bevy of post about 'how to rain proof your make-up' or how gumboots will be neon or striped or maybe even sheer. I don't want to sound condescending, or maybe I do.

What I did feel over the last month and a half is that there is a definite disconnect between the real world and the fashion world. Funnily, all bloggers source from the very real malls that all of us go to, probably more than our religious shrines. So if the real housewives of Kanpur, Raipur, Fatehpur, etc are listening, likelihood of which is subzero, I want to tell you that I want to keep it real. But such is the ecstasy of fashion blogging that I get sucked up in to oxblood for winter, neons for summer, gumboots for rain, so on and so forth.

I have decided to document the world around me along with random fashion moments in my life. I guess the point that I have been missing all these days is that beauty is in everything. Fashion is just what enhances that beauty. I am sure all of us are doing what we think is fashionable. So why follow rules. I am sure some one out there is still wearing oxblood. Heck! I wore dark berry lips couple of weeks back.

I have also decided that my true calling is typing away at the keyboard generating a string of words. Not posting pictures of myself in various locales of my locality. I mean not JUST posting pictures. I can't escape from narcissism. Can I? Can anyone?

My fashion moment right now is wearing a Hello Kitty nightie, unwashed make-up from last night and a  messy hair(updo). If that's not a fashion moment then what is?!


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