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Friday, 15 March 2013

Inspire Me Please

And I say that with a straight face. No sarcasm. No twisted humor. I am uninspired. I thought it was a blogger's block but I am uninspired. For the last 10 or so days I did a lot of reading of posts by fellow bloggers to see what is inspiring them. And what am I missing? I almost doubted my own ability to understand, analyze, admire fashion. I must say, some bloggers were inspired and some were inspired just by page view numbers.

This brings me back to the (in)famous statement "All bloggers write the same stuff". I am starting to believe that. It was spring summer, Delhi couture week, who wore what, outfit of the day, etc. So how are we to help you? What do you want to read? How to look like the other thousands of fashionistas around the world?

Incidentally, there are a few who are a fashion statement all on their own. They don't shove it in your face. They keep it simple and inspire that you can do it too by not screaming it at you but letting their style speak. The one I love to read every morning is Kanwal J. There is nothing astronomically unattainable fancy about this blog, other than the impeccable sense of bringing in so many trends and making it so simple to incorporate. She, I must say, is the first to wear a trend, in a way that you feel you can wear it to any place - work or play. She is real and keeps it real. This one is a 'must go to' website at least a few times a week (or day).

So while I continue for quest for further inspiration, let Kanwal inspire you as she has most certainly inspired me.

I could have called this post - Blog Review of the week and have your attention in a second. But, that's not Kanwal's style. It's muted, classic, feminine and chic.

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