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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year..! 2013...!

Happy new year to all you lovely and fashionable people.

I know I am 4 days late in wishing everyone on the world wide web. It's inexcusable! But what about making phone calls? I remember, during the pre-facebook, pre-orkut, pre-twitter days, we all picked up the phone and called everyone. This year I hardly got any calls - actually just 2. So this year I'm going to pick up the phone and make calls more often.

On a totally unrelated note - At the onset of this new year, I'd like to share that Confessions of the IT fashionista is soon going to get a make over. There are some things that need settling and are pending finalization, hence the lack of posts and the reason for my absence.

I'll be back with a bang! However, I will keep posting sporadically until the big reveal..!

Love and warm wishes for the mew year!

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