Power of positive thinking?

Haven't we read this one before?! But where did the wind blow that piece of paper where they wrote about how to get out of a rotten mood, pull up your socks and face your damn demon?! Where's that on the menu, huh?

It's not easy. Some times I just can't figure how and why I got in this rotten mood? Was it the lack of sleep thanks to the barking dogs in my neighborhood or the fact that I had to get to work the day after? Or the anxiety of pending bills? Or the fact that I have head of flat hair today? I DON'T KNOW!

What I do know is that only i have the power to feel better. No one, not even Prince Charming can get me out of this rut if I choose not to! So i am pledging this today, again, to myself that I will restart my day today at 11.18 AM with a positive outlook. I will feel good about the fact that my café mocha was extra delicious this morning, that my pants fit a bit loose this morning, my house-keeper turned up a whole hour early today and that my house was clean before I finished my last brown bread toast. I started the good habit of having water as soon as I wake up and adding a teaspoon of honey to my brekky. I sent an I Love You text to Mr.Man just now. The sun is sunnier today and I start at a new gym today! My life's simple or should I say un-complex. So why the rotten mood. And one rotten apple spoils the bunch. Well, I am more a pear than an apple now!

Why am I rambling(yet again). A: because I can. B: because you're the best audience I can get.

So moral. This post must have a moral. Look at the glass as half full because it's the way achievers, winners look at it. And I ain't no loser missy!

A fashionista must feel as good as she looks. And I look lovely, so my feelings must echo that!

UPDATE at 11.49 AM: And the right songs just starts up- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Pics for visual appeal in case the writing isn't appealing enough(please note the sarcasm):


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