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Friday, 11 January 2013

What The Eff - Fridays...!

Friday: A day when the skies are bluer, the grass is greener, the birds are chirpier, songs are merrier and life is prettier. Friday: Also a day when women in my office wash their hair. And this is NOT my observation but of a friend of the opposite sex.
So how did he conclude this? Apparently, he noticed that women make an effort to dress well on Fridays. This I, believe, is not true because I make an effort every day and I am a woman. Heck! I keep 5 minutes aside just to get my mascara right. But, believe him I must, since he is an avid observer/admirer of the fairer sex – us pretty women. I think we all appreciate beauty; God’s beautiful creatures of either sex. C’mon don’t roll your eyes! I know you look at the well turned out boys or (and) girls.
I don’t care about how the boys came up with the theory that women wash their hair only on Fridays or how they concluded that women make an effort to dress well only on Fridays. What I want to set straight is we make an effort every day. And if there are those who don’t, then you’re just not using your God gifted privilege card of being a girl. You have the power to dress, to impress, to inspire.
I read a quote some time back: “Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness”. And my Mama taught me to be very polite.
The other day, I met a girl who asked me how many times I retouched my make up in the day. I was surprised at her question. I thought she’d much rather ask me where I got my bag from or my shoes or my dress. Then I realized that women may buy fashionable items since they have a visual appeal but are afraid to experiment with make-up lest they look made up. Ummm. Wrong! Just like men should shave to look presentable, women should wear the right AND the right amount of make-up. Why do you think stewardesses wear make-up?  It’s loud but it’s mandatory. Human beings are visual creatures. Admit it. We take anything and anyone seriously when they are visually appealing. What about that management quote we hear so often “Dress for the position you want to be at not the one you’re at” or words to that effect. And FYI, I don’t retouch my make-up, I just use quality stuff that lasts and blends well. Piece of advice to the novice: quality over price.
So why is my tone offensive today? Because I AM offended. I am offended when I hear comments like “You must take so long to get dressed.” I take the same time as you, if not less since I squeeze in a healthy breakfast too and I am here 5 minutes before you. “Are you going to a party?” I am already at one – my life is a party and I celebrate every second. “You are so high maintenance” I am maintaining myself and if I am high maintenance, you need to adjust your standards. Actually this one isn’t offensive. I look at it from the glass half full perspective: high maintenance =quality.  “You must finish your salary in the first 10 days of its credit” It’s called money management, wealth management or assets/liabilities management or whatever the heck!
There was a time when I would actually respond to such comments. I stopped. Now I let the sound of my astute sense of fashion and grooming silence them.
Au revoir; until another day, another post, another mood.

IT Fashionista

PS: Here are some equally visually appealing shots of the highlights of my week. Don't miss my new orange lippy!

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