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Friday, 25 January 2013

Fried at work Fridays!

Today wasn't a Thank God It's Friday day. It was more like Thank God I am Home and Alone day. You know one of those days that you feel you'd feel better telling people off for the low IQ's or that every one around you seems like a hillbilly. When you crave to catch a quite corner. So desperate for some alone time that the restroom stall seems like a great option. You snap when you hear your name taken. The kind of day that even an awesome outfit can't make. That was my day. And why you may ask. I don't know. Simple as that. I can blame it on "that time of the month". But then looks like I should have that time come around more often than once a month, given my mood swings lately.

I tried chocolate. I tried a pizza. I tried new shoes. I tried a cute hairdo. I tried a great outfit. It didn't work. Heck I didn't even take a picture of myself!

Hoping for the dark cloud to pass and the weekend to be especially sunny!

You have a great Friday night. I'm just having a one night stand tonight. With a tub of ice-cream. You know the kind you regret the next morning.

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