How many pictures in a post?

I have always wondered how many pictures make a successful blog post. Given how photogenic I am(NOT!), getting them right is so difficult. Now if you have a photographer friend, sky is the limit. But if you have to pester your husband, man friend, boy friend, friend, maid, watchman for pictures then it's a different story altogether. I was chatting up with a fellow blogger recently and some how I had this notion about her that she must have it all under control for pictures. But, that notion was shattered when she told me she struggled to get a stash of pictures. If you had to look at her blog, you'd also be surprised hearing that.

So can I be a blogger with just one picture per post? Ignoring the fact that my last few posts have been pictures-less and the fact that I have an audience of 8 including my parents. I am guessing its OK. Well, what choice do I have. Didn't that girl who took selfies in front of a mirror get famous or is that just a dream I had?

Anyhow, I don't know what is on offer from the IT fashionista. All I can say is it'll be more than just pictures. Hopefully.


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