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Saturday, 5 January 2013

7 hours of shopping and 70 pieces of clothing?

I guess not! Just 4 pieces. I am disappointed with my speed of buying pieces of awesomeness. Actually I think I am still pretty good. What got in the way was loooooong queues at the fitting rooms. Yup, there was a sale everywhere! What I don't understand is why would people pay "Upto" 50% off for things of the last season? Coz fashion comes back? Uh, only every 5 years. So do we buy stuff at sales and stash them away for 5 years? Hey I don't want to offend avid sale shoppers but I guess I just don't get it that one would buy a 3200/- last season dress at 2730/-. And what about the waiting for hours to try on things you're not sure you want to buy but buy because its on the OMG-50% off rack! Really do you need another black dress? Oh this one is a cowl neck and that's why its different from the other 20 that you have already. OK you should totally get it!

My ramblings will go on. I do not shop at sales because I refuse to fall prey. But I got stuck in the stampede since I went to the mall to catch a movie there and thought why not get something pretty. Bad Move!  But while waiting in the queue in Zara, which I should mention was like the piles of clothes in Sarojini in Delhi with sales men in black suits, I over heard a young lady say "That's why I tell you, you should wait for the sale to pick up stuff from such branded stores" Umm, you forgot to mention you should also pack a sandwich, an apple, a bottle of water and a folding chair. So I gave up half way through the line after I glanced back at my manfriend and he gave me the look "Really? You? Sale? Line? Waiting?" and I shot back a shameful "Yeah you're right" and left. Lucky for the rest 20009987498347 people in the line.

So what DID I buy? A dress from Mango only because the line was 2 ladies long or 6 dresses long. Whatever! Two blouses and a skirt from Vero Moda since I tried them on over the clothes I was wearing. I was missing the street shopping where you try on stuff over your clothes, not anymore.

Blog about those soon. Right now I am still resting from the madness.

The Mall:

Leopard Print Lace Back Guess dress that dreams are made of:

Something everyone was clicking:

Look at the people in the background! This is what it was - A Blur

The much needed coffee break!


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    Great Dress you've picked.
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  2. Hi Kavita,

    Great to hear that you like my blog. I consciously avoided the "i'll follow you if you follow me" invites on various bloggers network, hence only 7 followers. Only those who liked reading my ramblings followed me. :) Guess I am still waiting to be discovered. :) Thanks for following though.


  3. Hi Anu,

    Its lovely to get a glance at your works and posts and am totally in love with the blog,the posts and the pics.Keep Posting More...:):)