New Day New Place New Post...

I am writing today! I am finally pouring my heart out on to a blank screen today! I am framing sentences describing my sentiments today, after a hiatus of what felt like a thousand years!

I have so much to say and don't know where to start. Let me start at the very beginning or at the very end of the last time that I remember what I wrote about. The thing is I don't remember either. The last month or two have been a blur. I have no idea how my life changed in a matter of a few days. I got MARRIED and it changed my world. I am not complaining. I loved the change. I love the man. What I could have done without was the craziness that moving to a new place brings with it. So this blog post should be titled " how I moved to Pune, Maharashtra, India" or "the ITnista in Wonderland".

I write this post in the comfort of my new home, with a background score of the microwave heating my tea for a 3rd time and the washing machine churning out a load of freshly washed clothes. Ah the life of an "Independent" Fashion Blogger. Who knew Independent meant responsible, organized and meticulous!

So back to the adventures in Wonderland. I call Pune a Wonderland only because of the variety of stores that offer an awesome selection of awesomeness, a.k.a. pretty li'l things. I treated myself to a little Zara, a little Forever New and a lot of Vero Moda. I thought I deserved that after the epic journey I took in a span of 2 weeks - Hyderabad - Kolkata - Assam - Hyderabad - Port Blair - Hyderabad - Pune. OMG! I can't even say it one breath. At the end of it I thought the Hyderabad airport authority will honor me by letting me pass through without security check. Nope didn't happen! Those guys are a tough cookie to crumble.

Pune is a lovely place for the young and the young at heart. It offers many many many malls, even more places to eat and chill, lovely party destinations filled with lovelier people. I am pleased. Although, I do miss Hyderabad, the biryani, the sheesha, friends, family. But as my friend eloquently says "It's just a matter of time". Pune will be my new Hyderabad. Or will it?

All in all, I can say the adventure continues. Everyday I either fight a dragon or earn a mushroom. Mario! Well I feel like Super Mario! Here's the proof:

NYE at Ista

Office Office:

Coffee date with the Man and the Bag

Pretty little things:

Jack and me at the best Inox in Pune:


  1. Lovely pics:))I am curious what u got from Zara!!

  2. Thanks Prerna!

    Got myself a red jumpsuit that I wore to NYE2013 here and a crystal neck piece that I haven't blogged about yet :)


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