Strength of a woman..!

In the wake of the recent events in our lovely country, I have come to realize that women have lost sight of their strength and true purpose. We post and share pictures on various social networking sites about how badly we feel about what's happening and yet, somehow, have lost the drive, courage, strength and spirit deep down. I, myself, think twice before heading out after hours alone. I call my man before I leave from work and after I reach home. We are safe, but caged. What happened to the free spirit that we were brought up with?

There are many debates about who to blame. What about the debates about what to change? Long back I read a shared post that talked about bringing boys up with the right thinking than shackling girls up in the metaphorical chains of what to wear, how to talk, when to go out.

In my minute and humble opinion, boys and girls who are allowed social interactions with each other, say in schools, and proper sex education, learn to respect each other and most importantly understand differences which sensitize them about how each one behaves.

Bring back Moral Sciences in schools..!!!


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