Sorry for the lack of posts this past month, exams have kept this bee quite busy and of course it only made sense to reward myself with a little surprise trip to big sis's place in Pune. Why? Because I needed a break and she needed a surprise or maybe I needed an excuse to- wait a minute! When has travel ever needed an excuse? In fact aren't the trips that you take spontaneously usually the best ones ever? when was the last time you did that? Just packed your bags and decided to hit the road and I mean like a travel adventure not leave home! :P I know going from one city to another doesn't count as a "travel adventure" really but the journey did make me think about a few things -- (darn train windows - making people question their lives since 1825!) some of us work towards our passion, are lucky enough to go to a job that offers just that and are driven by it and some of us work towards making a living but passion involved... ummm, not so much. Sometime the two meet and we're truly happy and sometimes they don't and we learn to adjust. But in both cases just once in a while we get stuck in the mundane life of work, college and school so driven to make a living that we might seem to be moving away from making a life. That trip you keep postponing? That art project you thought you'd finish or at least start, two Summers ago; that trip to a historical monument; the little adventures. Yes, I know I can't possibly be the only one to feel that way. So what do we do about it? Are we already working on a retirement plan or are we really supposed to make and live a life that we could look back on, laugh and say "Man! I did some crazy sh**!!" or say "oh should have done that! That would have been fun!" To me, well I'd like to have a life filled with "oh hell!s" than "oh well!s" yes I know it's easier said than done. I also am well aware that goin after what makes you happy instead of what you think is expected is difficult. You'll likely face opposition and questions like "that's all well and good, but what do you really do?" it'll be filled with faliures and It will be exhausting but there is hope...for there will be happines from satisfaction of having tried or done that one thing and maybe even been lucky enough to make a life out of it and if not, then oh well, you win some and you learn some! So what's the point of this long drawn thought process? It is this- Carpe Diem. Take that break and explore. Live and truly mean it. In the end I'd like to leave you with something that my father has told me often "if you're living in depression, you're living in the past. If you're anxious, you're living in the future and if you're happy, you are in the present." I know that's where I wanna be!


(top- AND, pants- Pantaloon, shoes- Lemon, bangles- thrifted, bag - a boutique in Pune, blue eyeliner- Bourjois Paris)


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