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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Winds of Change

I know it's been a while since my last post...okay, so it's been a really really long while since my last post! Not that it's an excuse but quite a few things have changed. To begin with, since my last post, I'm now 22 :P and wiser I hope. Secondly, over a month ago, end of August to be exact, I traded in my work life at Facebook for a student life at AMITY. True this is a drastic career change but a change that occurs in almost everyone's life, at least once.
       Through the time that I worked, I did pick up/learn and "unlearn" a couple of things which will probably contribute to how I deal with situations from here on. I learnt that being open and encouraging people to be open about ideas and thoughts go a long way in problem solving. "If you never ask, the answer will always be 'no'." Being bold and being naive is the key to progress..and hardwork and patience is what drives you to it. I learnt that our differences is what makes us bond and keeps us "out of the box". I learnt what work-life balance is and how much practice I need to get anywhere close to that balance. :P I learnt that one needs friends at work as much as one needs to work. Most importantly, I learnt that it doesn't take someone big or powerful to make a significant change or an impact, all it takes is a clear sight of the bigger picture and the realization that just because something is the way it is, it doesn't mean that it should be.
     To answer a few questions that I think you may have: Why? Because doing an MBA in HR was something I had wanted to do for a long while, before I gave in to the dark and insanely glamours side of fashion :P and I've always believed that no amount of education ever goes to waste.
     Does this change the theme of my blog? No, I and my posts will pretty much be the same as before - infused with as much fashion and fun as before, if not more. However, posts may include questions like "and how does this trend...make you feel?" haha!
    What does this mean for you as a reader? I will now mean it when I say "fashion on a budget!" :P
So stay tuned for upcoming posts!


Saturday, 29 September 2012

If I had 55 seconds to live...

If you have been living under rock, like I have then you are wondering too what 55DSL is. Well, read on...

It is the Italian (high)street wear brand from the house of Diesel. Yup. You can have your "Aaha" moment now. I had a look at their global site; and it looks like it might one of the go-to brands for the young Indian rebels. Looks like a lot of tees, distressed denims, vests, almost 'lumberjack-ish'. Hey their tag says "Beyond Mountains, More Mountains". You can have a look at their stuff on their website 55DSL

The main reason why I am mentioning this brand is their awesome twitter campaign 55 Seconds To Live” which is hosted on their microsite (http://55secondstolive.com/) This is your chance to let everyone know what your heart desires and what excites, inspires and motivates you. All you have to do is tell the world what you would do if you had just 55 seconds to live with the hashtag #55SecondsToLive. And whats amazing is that there are some great prizes to be won in the campaign but more than that is the opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking digital movement.

So far, this campaign is one of the most creative & innovative campaigns on Twitter. Check out their youtube campaign video.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Weekend Schmeekend..!

Oh man! Do I wait for a Saturday or what!!! Especially this Saturday, the 25th!!  This is going to be a great weekend since I picked up my beau this morning from the airport. I am gonna be Li'l Beau Peep! LOL! Here's happy me!
This is pretty damn good for 6.00 AM on a Saturday, ain't it? I was listening to 'Call Me Maybe'. That song has gone viral! I listen to it every single day on a loop, driving to work, with all the dancing and the hand actions. Yes I DO get a lot of stares, and that's not just coz I am IT Fashionista. Lol!

If you haven't heard this song coz you were time travelling or accompanied Curiosity to Mars and didn't know what was happening on Earth, then this is for you my baby:

Although this one's an even better version, made my weekend!

I am still ROFLing!

Guess what?! I have been invited to a theme party. The theme is Color Block! Oh how I have missed going to parties dressed crazy! People stopped having fun lately. I get tired of pseudo conversations and crave fun theme parties. So what I did was that I took this color block thing a step further and voila!

I COLOR BLOCKED MY PEDI!!! Excuse the crooked lines coz I did it myself! Hey even Picasso never drew straight lines.

I haven't decided what I am wearing. So check back for an outfit post later. Promise great pics from the party. 


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Do it on a Thursday...

Haven't you heard that Thursday is the new Friday!!!! So, if you spend your Thursday night like a diva, you feel that Friday at work was just a li'l blimp and that you've had an extended weekend. You just have to confuse your "work brain" to think that Friday's arrived on Thursday.

So what did I do today?

I came home from work an hour earlier. Made an appointment with my beautician (Oh you must have one on your speed dial) for a Pearl Facial, an exotic mani-pedi, some much needed grooming (read hair removal...oh not that much! I am not an ape!!!), a massage!!! Mmmm..!!! And now sipping on some hot jasmine tea, I am blogging!

So what's the point of all this? The point my deary is that you need to get yourself some "me-time". I know that term has been over used and abused. But I mean it. Some times to rejuvenate you need to hibernate. That must make sense because it rhymed! Everyday is a fight against the clock. I have had many people ask me how do you manage the time. But, what they don't understand is that God gave me 24 hours too. I just prioritize my life and my day first thing in the morning, and my morning starts really early at 5.45 AM. I have learnt to manage time by prioritizing.

And why do I say do it on a Thursday? It all started when I was living in Sydney and how people would leave work at least an hour earlier for "shopping day", the day (Thursday) that stores would remain open till 10.00PM. Strange that stores closed at 5.30PM every other day, and they still made a killer profit! Amazingly, what a major difference it made in people's lives since they did all that they wanted on Thursdays - salon appointments, shopping, buying groceries, etc. It opened up the entire weekend that's 48 hours for nothing but relaxation, entertainment, love, happiness, joy. No wonder everyone was so perky on a Monday morning. And there I was, a rat in the race, sipping on my double espresso with double the might to deal with the week ahead!

So ladies, do it on a Thursday! We are all allowed to leave work early once in a week!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Happy thoughts...

Ever wondered how some people always look so good no matter what they wear. It's because they're happy with who they are and what they have. I know fashion can be intimidating to us real world people who don't look or want to look wafer thin. But what we have is real happiness. And happiness will always make you look and feel good. Like they say a smile is always fashionable.

So whats are these happy thoughts and how do you find them? I suggest:
1. Write down all that you love about yourself physically
2. Write down all that you love about your personality

Pick the 2 best out of these and always think of them whenever you doubt yourself.

For more feel good feelings:
1. Pick a movie or television series that make you feel good. Everyone has a fav!
2.Pick a piece of clothing or accessory that instantly lifts your spirits.

Watch the movie or television series when you're staying in or don't feel like going out. Maybe because you're feeling down.
Wear the piece of clothing or accessory when you have to go out and aren't in the best of spirits.

What I listed here are mood enhancers. But what makes you truly happy inside and beautiful outside, is knowing what you have that are worth this world and being thankful and grateful for the same.

What I do every morning and through out the day, whenever I am free and have a piece of paper to scribble on, is that I write what I am thankful for. I literally wake up in the morning and say "God, I am so happy and thankful that I have a loving and supportive family, a well paying job, respect and admiration from peers, an amazing car, lovely clothes, great hair, great skin, a bank account that keeps me happy. I am grateful for this abundance that things that I deserve keep coming to me." Believe it or not, I get most compliments on that day. Because the glow of happiness shines from within.

It's easy to focus on negatives in life. I wish I had a better job, more money, thinner thighs, etc. But then you don't get them because you don't appreciate what you have right now. So what I am trying to say is "Live today, live in the present, enjoy the bounty that you've been given. Make way for more not because you want more, but because you have enjoyed what you have today to the fullest."

Keep thinking happy thoughts and you'll be able to fly, just like Peter Pan in Neverland.


IT Fashionista
(Guest Blogger from www.confessions-of-the-it-fashionista.blogspot.com)

Monday, 13 August 2012

RIP Prabuddha Dasgupta

One of India's finest photographers passed away. You might remember his very controversial photo shoot with Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson for the Kamasutra ad. He delivered raw emotions in the most tasteful manner.


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What IT girls love most to accessorize with?


Hyderabadi ITnistas(IT+fashionistas) LISTEN UP...!! There are huge huge HUGE sales on shoes every where..!!! Do check out Catwalk, Charles & Kieth, Aldo, Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop...!!!

They have all the trends of the season...!!! Neon, Aztec, Tribal...!!!

The best thing about shoes is that they are always within the "dress code" limits!!

And y'all know what's great?! It's SALARY time....!!!! Wooooohoooo...!!

IT Fashionista

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Trying to be a 'Certified' Fashionista

Don't be fooled by the word certified honey! I AM a fashionista and I don't need nobody certifyin' me..lol
I work in a beautiful, successful, well known IT services company in India. It's lovely and pays me for all the pretty fashionable things I can buy. So now you know why I love my job.

I write a blog coz I can and it's free, and for once my beautiful lappy doesn't argue with my point of view. Noticed how I used 'beautiful' so many time already? Well, coz i wanted to call this blog 'Ramblings of a beautiful maniac'. That didn't meet the purpose.

So what is my purpose? I am here to show you how you can be a very fashionable person even without having your father leave you a fortune or you having the life of a prince/princess. Heck! I live like a princess on a six figure salary, so can you! (That is if you're not living like one already)

So why am I trying to be a certified  fashionista you ask.If you're from IT or an IT services company, you would know that every half yr or yr, one has to take a few certifications for your betterment and progress as a Software Professional. And THAT is exactly what I am doing. Honey, it means a promotion! So I am studying right now...and fashionably too.

So here's my list of things you need to study and study well for an exam:

1. Comfortable Pajamas and Tee. Preferrably the ones you wore when you were studying for the last test you aced.

Tee: http://www.cafepress.com/+software-engineer+t-shirts Pajamas: http://www.indiamart.com/aries-knitwears/womens-wears.html
2. A lit scented candle so you don't get hungry every two seconds

3. Your iPod to cut out the noises in your house...aka Mom screaming

4.Your Smart Phone. So you won't be distracted by your "Ringxiety" if that's a word. Feeling anxious that your phone might be ringing and that you might miss a call/text/whatsapp from the President.

5.A scribble pad to take notes or to doodle.

6 A fuzzy pencil or a pen a la Legally Blonde


And you're all set to crack the test!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Men are Shoes

It takes a lot of time to pick out
just the right pair of shoes.
a girl must try on every pair and have each one checked out.
and it often boils down to what-- to choose or not to choose.

You see, the perfect pair
is like the perfect man.
Your eyes will go straight to it
Just like they do for.. *ahemm*..the man.

it is essential, that the pair...of our fancy (and i mean the shoes)
fit us (our feet) nicely.
they must hold our feet just right
Just like the perfect man will hold your waist, not too loose and not too tight.
The shoes will never say no to us even when our feet are out of shape.
Just like the perfect man won't say no, when we are out of shape.

We will be caressed and given the comfort
when we've had that oh so long a day.
Just like the perfect shoes will give us relief and support
when the previous night, our aching feet danced our worries away. 

Taste differs from person to person.
some like 'em short and stubby... and some like 'em......sleek
no not men, I mean the shoes! you freak! :)

Just like men are different from each other
even if they are all dressed in black tuxedo.
Having 7 pairs of black shoes is no matter,
Coz they're different! It's Crocs, Gucci or Eco!

Each to his..or rather..her own..
I say.
Tall, tanned, lean, muscular, athletic,
The same fundamentals apply to shoes
Purple, teal, grey, black or are you a brown?
Fundamentals, fundamentals…the key to help you choose.
They define who you are, both, the man and your shoes.

Sometimes, we find that the one
that we don’t really think is “us”
Just turns out to be the one for us.
The application of this fact is seen
While looking out for both the perfect man and the shoes
That leads to the moment of realization that brings in our eyes, that emotional sheen.

But there is one fundamental flaw in this theory.
The perfect shoes, unlike men, are easily found.
There’s nothing much to it, don’t have to spend years looking around.
They had said that the perfect man can be found in every corner of the world..
Guess they forgot that the world doesn’t have corners…its round.
And unlike the perfect shoes..which women may have 99 of.
Only few may have the 1 perfect man who rocks their world.

Ultimately both men and shoes are dear to every woman.
Both, at par with each other. Both very special.
So, remember gentlemen,..if ever a woman comes up to you and screams
“You idiot! I don’t wanna see you anymore! You mean shoes to me!”
She has probably found the one she yearns.
So don’t be angry, don’t ask questions, but the one, that is essential..
often best asked…on one knee.

Friday, 13 January 2012


"Wouldn’t it be terrible?  Wouldn’t it be sad? 
If just one single color was the color that we had?
If everything was purple? Or red? Or blue? Or green? 
If yellow, pink, or orange was all that could be seen? 
Can you just imagine how dull our world would be if
 just one single color was all we got to see?" 

Its hard for me to imagine my life without colors. I love colors. In my final year of college last year, we as students of Psychology were expected to submit a complete research/thesis on a topic of our choice related to social, health or educational psychology. So it was no surprise that I chose 'colors: an indicator of levels of emotional maturity' as my research topic. It was a qualitative 5000 word research and I love how well it turned out and lucky for me so did my external examiner and lecturer. :P

Nothing says fun and trendy like a tiny hint or a splash of a bright color to a dull outfit. Don't get me wrong, I love a good black, gray or beige outfit. But for me, it isn't a party till the colors have been invited. :) My latest 'go-to' to add that extra something to an outfit, has been the bangles my friends sent across for me from Mumbai (India) and i absolutely love them. 

Since you'll always find me wearing bangles and bracelets, these are clearly my favorite. :) My friends know me very well. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

What she thinks..

Writing a blog is a first for me. Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to start one. Was browsing the Internet and one thing led to another and pretty soon I had created this blog. The facts are simple. I’m a girl who loves her shoes; loves her bags; loves her accessories and so LOVES fashion and looking for a place to pen my thoughts down and share them, starting a blog didn’t feel like a tough decision. I’m not looking for a serious profession in fashion writing and I don’t have a particular style, I guess if you ask me that question five years down the line then perhaps I’d have an answer but for now all I can think of is what I’m reminded of …William Blake once said “I must create my own system or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare; my business is to create.”

About me, to begin with, I’m 21 and came into the fashion world a little late I guess…oh, I loved playing dress up and all that as a kid but the knowledge of brands and designers came later…much later. My guide was my elder sister who till today epitomizes everything glamorous and elegant known to me. Besides her, there is a mash up of people, varying from Hollywood stars and famous characters to poets and politicians, whom I look up to; who inspire me to do something fabulous. To name a few, Alexander McQueen (you may love it or hate it but you just can’t ignore it), Lady Gaga, Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham (love how she’s dressed for every occasion) Wilfred Owen, Kate Middleton, Adriana Lima, Carrie Bradshaw, Adel, Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel…the list seems endless; each unique and fabulous in their own way.

Someone wise once said..

"While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence -- which, I believe, does make the woman." Mary Kay Ashe