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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts this past month, exams have kept this bee quite busy and of course it only made sense to reward myself with a little surprise trip to big sis's place in Pune. Why? Because I needed a break and she needed a surprise or maybe I needed an excuse to- wait a minute! When has travel ever needed an excuse? In fact aren't the trips that you take spontaneously usually the best ones ever? when was the last time you did that? Just packed your bags and decided to hit the road and I mean like a travel adventure not leave home! :P I know going from one city to another doesn't count as a "travel adventure" really but the journey did make me think about a few things -- (darn train windows - making people question their lives since 1825!) some of us work towards our passion, are lucky enough to go to a job that offers just that and are driven by it and some of us work towards making a living but passion involved... ummm, not so much. Sometime the two meet and we're truly happy and sometimes they don't and we learn to adjust. But in both cases just once in a while we get stuck in the mundane life of work, college and school so driven to make a living that we might seem to be moving away from making a life. That trip you keep postponing? That art project you thought you'd finish or at least start, two Summers ago; that trip to a historical monument; the little adventures. Yes, I know I can't possibly be the only one to feel that way. So what do we do about it? Are we already working on a retirement plan or are we really supposed to make and live a life that we could look back on, laugh and say "Man! I did some crazy sh**!!" or say "oh should have done that! That would have been fun!" To me, well I'd like to have a life filled with "oh hell!s" than "oh well!s" yes I know it's easier said than done. I also am well aware that goin after what makes you happy instead of what you think is expected is difficult. You'll likely face opposition and questions like "that's all well and good, but what do you really do?" it'll be filled with faliures and It will be exhausting but there is hope...for there will be happines from satisfaction of having tried or done that one thing and maybe even been lucky enough to make a life out of it and if not, then oh well, you win some and you learn some! So what's the point of this long drawn thought process? It is this- Carpe Diem. Take that break and explore. Live and truly mean it. In the end I'd like to leave you with something that my father has told me often "if you're living in depression, you're living in the past. If you're anxious, you're living in the future and if you're happy, you are in the present." I know that's where I wanna be!


(top- AND, pants- Pantaloon, shoes- Lemon, bangles- thrifted, bag - a boutique in Pune, blue eyeliner- Bourjois Paris)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sunday, 27 January 2013

BLACK is Modest and Arrogant at the same time..

Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious.
But above all Black says this: "I don't bother you-you don't bother me".
-Yohji Yamamoto

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gimme red...!

Who else thought that the tag line for ever ready batteries was lame? Say it with me! GIMME REEEEEDDDD...! Now with a phlegmy voice...GIMME REDDDD..!

Ummm. Here's the outfit without any connection with batteries, dead or alive.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sheer Fantasy..!

Yep! This is what I want to call this outfit post. Sheer Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Fantasy. I have always tried very hard to make my posts' title sound mysterious and "OMG-I-wanna-read-that!"-icious! Maybe I want to sound like those is fashion bloggers who chronicle what they wore with the most articulate articulation. And what do I do? Use oxymorons.

That reminds me; I have often come across people who use massive words to sound intellectual. Like this 'wonderful' person emailed me and said "I always knew that u had exceptional attribute of perseverance" attribute? Isn't perseverance an attribute? So why say "attribute of perseverance"? Its debatable. No offense to this person. I know what this is. Its an acute case of 'I-read-too-many-books-in-school' syndrome. I just stick to english that I am sure my literature teachers will despise me for! But, it works for me and I'm sure it works for you.

Yup, I deviated. Yet again! So here's the outfit:

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Weekends are OVER-RATED...!

At least mine are. Don't get me wrong. I get so ecstatic beyond normal human levels of state of ecstasy on Friday evenings and almost berserk when a long weekend is involved, but what DO we do on a weekend? OK I know we don't go to work. But doesn't work fuel our weekend escapades? Or am I the only one who feels a good work week deserves a good weekend. Hey! Don't hurl that shoe at me.

So what does an average Joe do on a weekend? I'll tell u what I do. I laze and laze and laze to shame a sloth to hell until hunger pangs strike at about mid day; and I finally get out of bed. I do not exercise and eat junk. Then call my friends to find out if they're better or worse off than me. I side with the ones who are in a better state so that I can rescue my weekend. That's day time for you. Oh I also squeeze in a movie. Every-freakin-Saturday. Saturday night is meant to get my party shoes out and hit a watering hole. The tighter, smaller watering hole, the higher the popularity. And of course, how much of a good time I had is measured by the pain in my feet the next day. So that's Saturday: Sloth to Socialite.

Sunday: I write to you. And crib about the next week or how I spent my Saturday. I went to the Shisha Jazz Cafe and it did not disappoint. We gazed at the other 'animals' at the watering hole over a cuppa Iranian Tea and a kebab platter. I liked. I will revisit, hopefully, without a stomach full of soda pop and popcorn. So Sunday has just started and let's see what it holds for me.

Here are some snap shots of the day:

Friday, 11 January 2013

What The Eff - Fridays...!

Friday: A day when the skies are bluer, the grass is greener, the birds are chirpier, songs are merrier and life is prettier. Friday: Also a day when women in my office wash their hair. And this is NOT my observation but of a friend of the opposite sex.
So how did he conclude this? Apparently, he noticed that women make an effort to dress well on Fridays. This I, believe, is not true because I make an effort every day and I am a woman. Heck! I keep 5 minutes aside just to get my mascara right. But, believe him I must, since he is an avid observer/admirer of the fairer sex – us pretty women. I think we all appreciate beauty; God’s beautiful creatures of either sex. C’mon don’t roll your eyes! I know you look at the well turned out boys or (and) girls.
I don’t care about how the boys came up with the theory that women wash their hair only on Fridays or how they concluded that women make an effort to dress well only on Fridays. What I want to set straight is we make an effort every day. And if there are those who don’t, then you’re just not using your God gifted privilege card of being a girl. You have the power to dress, to impress, to inspire.
I read a quote some time back: “Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness”. And my Mama taught me to be very polite.
The other day, I met a girl who asked me how many times I retouched my make up in the day. I was surprised at her question. I thought she’d much rather ask me where I got my bag from or my shoes or my dress. Then I realized that women may buy fashionable items since they have a visual appeal but are afraid to experiment with make-up lest they look made up. Ummm. Wrong! Just like men should shave to look presentable, women should wear the right AND the right amount of make-up. Why do you think stewardesses wear make-up?  It’s loud but it’s mandatory. Human beings are visual creatures. Admit it. We take anything and anyone seriously when they are visually appealing. What about that management quote we hear so often “Dress for the position you want to be at not the one you’re at” or words to that effect. And FYI, I don’t retouch my make-up, I just use quality stuff that lasts and blends well. Piece of advice to the novice: quality over price.
So why is my tone offensive today? Because I AM offended. I am offended when I hear comments like “You must take so long to get dressed.” I take the same time as you, if not less since I squeeze in a healthy breakfast too and I am here 5 minutes before you. “Are you going to a party?” I am already at one – my life is a party and I celebrate every second. “You are so high maintenance” I am maintaining myself and if I am high maintenance, you need to adjust your standards. Actually this one isn’t offensive. I look at it from the glass half full perspective: high maintenance =quality.  “You must finish your salary in the first 10 days of its credit” It’s called money management, wealth management or assets/liabilities management or whatever the heck!
There was a time when I would actually respond to such comments. I stopped. Now I let the sound of my astute sense of fashion and grooming silence them.
Au revoir; until another day, another post, another mood.

IT Fashionista

PS: Here are some equally visually appealing shots of the highlights of my week. Don't miss my new orange lippy!

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Day New Place New Post...

I am writing today! I am finally pouring my heart out on to a blank screen today! I am framing sentences describing my sentiments today, after a hiatus of what felt like a thousand years!

I have so much to say and don't know where to start. Let me start at the very beginning or at the very end of the last time that I remember what I wrote about. The thing is I don't remember either. The last month or two have been a blur. I have no idea how my life changed in a matter of a few days. I got MARRIED and it changed my world. I am not complaining. I loved the change. I love the man. What I could have done without was the craziness that moving to a new place brings with it. So this blog post should be titled " how I moved to Pune, Maharashtra, India" or "the ITnista in Wonderland".

I write this post in the comfort of my new home, with a background score of the microwave heating my tea for a 3rd time and the washing machine churning out a load of freshly washed clothes. Ah the life of an "Independent" Fashion Blogger. Who knew Independent meant responsible, organized and meticulous!

So back to the adventures in Wonderland. I call Pune a Wonderland only because of the variety of stores that offer an awesome selection of awesomeness, a.k.a. pretty li'l things. I treated myself to a little Zara, a little Forever New and a lot of Vero Moda. I thought I deserved that after the epic journey I took in a span of 2 weeks - Hyderabad - Kolkata - Assam - Hyderabad - Port Blair - Hyderabad - Pune. OMG! I can't even say it one breath. At the end of it I thought the Hyderabad airport authority will honor me by letting me pass through without security check. Nope didn't happen! Those guys are a tough cookie to crumble.

Pune is a lovely place for the young and the young at heart. It offers many many many malls, even more places to eat and chill, lovely party destinations filled with lovelier people. I am pleased. Although, I do miss Hyderabad, the biryani, the sheesha, friends, family. But as my friend eloquently says "It's just a matter of time". Pune will be my new Hyderabad. Or will it?

All in all, I can say the adventure continues. Everyday I either fight a dragon or earn a mushroom. Mario! Well I feel like Super Mario! Here's the proof:

NYE at Ista

Office Office:

Coffee date with the Man and the Bag

Pretty little things:

Jack and me at the best Inox in Pune:

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Movie date..!

My dearest hubby took me out for a movie date. We watched Jack Reacher, looking very fashionable and trendy in Skinny jeans and leopard print satin-silk top with sleeve detailing! Jeans from Levi's and top from M&S

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Putty Tat's Christmas

Its the most wonderful time of the year
There'll be parties for hosting
Marshmallows for toasting
And Caroling out in the snow
There'll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories of 
Christmases long, long ago.
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

It's Christmas eve and  I was invited over to a dear friend's house to deck up the Christmas tree and indulge in some holiday cheer...and chocolates and champagne, of course. While there, my attention was caught by this fascinating ginger cat that has adopted my friend's house. It seems that 'adopting a house' is a natural tendency for cats and although they are mostly moody and not really social, this one, known as Mau, to my surprise, is the opposite. Not only is it friendly, it absolutely loves striking a pose for the camera! Remind you of someone you know? Haha!! 

 Nothing brings family and friends together like festivals do and I love how festivals bring out the best in everyone and everything and with Christmas no matter what you believe in or which faith you follow, there is something very comforting and magical in the idea of sipping hot chocolate, all bundled up warm listening to carols with a Christmas tree in the corner and a good book. Maybe that's just me or maybe that's just how I imagine it, fueled by my father's narrating skills as he read me Dicken's Christmas Carol when I was a child and all the Christmas movies I grew up watching. Everything's pretty and sparkly, spending time with friends and family, stories,pictures and memories. Yes it truly is a wonderful time of the year. 

What i wore, my mint green pants from Globus (at a steal!); light pink heels- gifted; white formal shirt - Westside; polka dotted silk stole- Lifestyle; long string of pearls and earrings- gifted-Sydney(Australia); black front-open sweater- Promod. On my lips: MAC(Please Me), eyes: Revlon liquid liner.
Photo credit: Jatin Chojar

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

There Will Be (Ox)Blood

I've been lusting after a pair of Ox Blood/Burgundy pants for a while now and for some reason I didn't want them in just any fabric, oh no! I wanted them in corduroy! I had tried every place I could think of and found a couple I liked too but then to my realization, I'm a bit picky when it came down to picking up just the right one that would look great on me and being that they were a trend and am not sure how long they'll stick around, I wanted them to be insanely affordable (read, super cheap! as far as pants go) obviously it wasn't easy and almost felt at some point that I might be at war with the universe in trying to find them! Just when I was giving up hope, I went window shopping and happened to walk into Max and there they were...between the pastels and the monochromatic printed shirts, under the label - 899/- They were the fit I was looking for, not too burgundy nor too red. Just plain perfect and of course, the rest is history...
If you're out for a pair of affordable deep-rich-colored pants give Max and Lifestlye a try and if you're into pastels then definitely try Globus. You won't be disappointed. I find the pants in Max are more affordable compared to the ones in Globus and Lifestlye (1300/- & 1600/-) but their range of colors are lovely!

What I wore: shades- Rayban, equine top- Mango, corduroy pants- Max, shoes- Steve Madden, sling bag- Accessorize, watch- Fossil, bangles- Westside.

Photo Credit: Jatin Chojar