Sheer Fantasy..!

Yep! This is what I want to call this outfit post. Sheer Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Fantasy. I have always tried very hard to make my posts' title sound mysterious and "OMG-I-wanna-read-that!"-icious! Maybe I want to sound like those is fashion bloggers who chronicle what they wore with the most articulate articulation. And what do I do? Use oxymorons.

That reminds me; I have often come across people who use massive words to sound intellectual. Like this 'wonderful' person emailed me and said "I always knew that u had exceptional attribute of perseverance" attribute? Isn't perseverance an attribute? So why say "attribute of perseverance"? Its debatable. No offense to this person. I know what this is. Its an acute case of 'I-read-too-many-books-in-school' syndrome. I just stick to english that I am sure my literature teachers will despise me for! But, it works for me and I'm sure it works for you.

Yup, I deviated. Yet again! So here's the outfit:


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