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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

DIY : Makeup / Acessories Stand!


What you need: 

1) Three or two old plates (depends on how tall or big you want the stand to be)

2) Two vases / tall glasses

3) Hot glue gun or any other super glue

4) Spray paint or your choice (optional)


1) Place the plate with the biggest diameter in front of you and glue down the wider end of the biggest vase on the center of the plate. wait 2 mins for it to dry.

2) Glue the bottom of the biggest vase (which is now facing upward as we have placed the biggest vase up-side-down since it has a narrow base) and place the center of the second plate on it. Let dry for 2 mins.

3) Glue the center of the second plate already stuck and place the smaller vase on it. Let dry for 2 mins and glue down the last (smallest) plate on the vase.



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