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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

DIY: Fairy Lights!


What you need:

1) A string of lights.
2) 3 to 4 packs of ping-pong (Table Tennis) balls in white (or in colors for a more fun look). 
3) Pair of scissors.
4) Transparent sticky tape. 


1) if the sting of lights is long then fold it/double it in a manner that two lightbulbs match up with one another


2) poke holes in the ping-pong balls with a pair of scissors or a screwdriver. (Be careful!) 

3) insert a pair of light bulbs in one ping-pong ball and secure in place with sticky tape. Continue to put other pairs in different ping-pong balls till all pairs of light bulbs are covered. 

4) drape wherever you want it and light them up! 


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DIY : No-sew T-shirt Pillow!

What you will need:

1) An old (clean) t-shirt of your choice
2) A ruler
3) A pair of scissors
4) A flat surface

1) Lay the T-shirt flat on a flat surface 

2) cut the sleeves off and cut as close to the collar as possible. With the help of a ruler, measure the distance between the print and the collar that you cut off and cut same distance on the opposite side (i.e. middle area of the t-shirt) 
NOTE: this has to be at least two inches long because you will need to tie up the incisions that you will make along the sides (steps given below)

3) Cut away the sides from the shoulders down. So you end up with (two) square piece of cloth (back piece and front piece). Make incisions along all the sides. Incisions must be at least two inches long. (Longer incisions are good too as they will only give an added effect of longer tassels or bigger bows!)

4) Starting from a corner start tying up one back strip and the aligned front strip together. Secure with a double knot. Tie up all sides but one. Insert the stuffing (I used fabric scraps from older projects) and tie up the last side of the pillow. And you're done! 

- Thesisteract 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Inspired Living...

Women are visual beings. If it appeals to our eyes, it inspires us.

The Sister Act India has been doing a lot of spring cleaning and organizing and here's what has been inspiring us so much. Thinking of some renovations.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

DIY : Makeup / Acessories Stand!


What you need: 

1) Three or two old plates (depends on how tall or big you want the stand to be)

2) Two vases / tall glasses

3) Hot glue gun or any other super glue

4) Spray paint or your choice (optional)


1) Place the plate with the biggest diameter in front of you and glue down the wider end of the biggest vase on the center of the plate. wait 2 mins for it to dry.

2) Glue the bottom of the biggest vase (which is now facing upward as we have placed the biggest vase up-side-down since it has a narrow base) and place the center of the second plate on it. Let dry for 2 mins.

3) Glue the center of the second plate already stuck and place the smaller vase on it. Let dry for 2 mins and glue down the last (smallest) plate on the vase.



Makeup Storage Ideas, Tips & Tricks!

I love makeup and everything that comes with it. A makeup store is my sanctuary; my happy place. The colors; the faint fragrance of it as I walk into a makeup store gets my pulse racing! Needless to say that being a fashion and beauty blogger, will entail reviewing beauty products from time - to - time as well which means...that's right! More makeup!  

I don't think I have even close to what an average professional makeup artist has or close to how much the average beauty vlogger on Youtube has, (I'm in denial) but I do have enough to keep losing some of my stuff; or being unable to find something right when I need it; or to end up buying another piece of the same product because I forget I have one already or that its buried so deep in with the rest of my makeup that it'll take a whole day to dig it out. This leads me to just grab what I can find and go, which is usually a kohl pencil and a lipstick or lip - balm. 

Three days ago, I decided that I had had enough when it took me ten minutes to find my concealer. So i decided to organize everything. everything! However, I needed something easy, quick and dirt cheap. I love all the lovely vanity cases for makeup but they are so unreasonably expensive. Plus, that would mean waiting a couple of days more till I could find the time to go get one. So I decided to get creative and think of all the possible makeup storage ideas that would be time efficient and cost efficient.  
This was the result: (Less than 700/-)


I now take only a few seconds to find my things! Yay! Also, I'm sure even if you don't have a lot of makeup, you've got to admit, organizing what you have, will definitely save you more time! (more time to sleep in the mornings! Yay!!) 

So I thought I'd share a few makeup storage ideas, tips and tricks, with you too! 

1) In accordance to how much makeup you have, get a box/ tray/ container that you can put your makeup in. This will confine all your makeup to one place which means, just in case things get out of hand and you "fall off the wagon" with organization, you won't have to look for something in the whole house. There'll be only one place you need look for it!

- We went with two big, transparent boxes (300/-):

2) Now get all your organization done in this box: 

Things you could use

A) Tea cups to hold your brushes.

B) Old watch boxes to hold your eye-shadow quads and duos. You could spray paint these but we liked ours this way.

C) Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes! don't throw them away, they look pretty chic to store makeup;

AND you could use the lids as trays. The possibilities are endless! 


D) Use delivery boxes or gift boxes to sort out face and hair products. 

E) the cover of a pair of sunglasses or even a shoe box it great to hold your lipsticks in!

F) Make a stand from glass plates and vases to store your nail paints!


G) Use a shoe box to make an organizer to put all the product that don't fit in the main box. 

H) Having trouble keeping your perfumes organized? Put them all on a mirror tray for a pretty storage space! 

Hope these tips help you too!