DIY: Fairy Lights!


What you need:

1) A string of lights.
2) 3 to 4 packs of ping-pong (Table Tennis) balls in white (or in colors for a more fun look). 
3) Pair of scissors.
4) Transparent sticky tape. 


1) if the sting of lights is long then fold it/double it in a manner that two lightbulbs match up with one another


2) poke holes in the ping-pong balls with a pair of scissors or a screwdriver. (Be careful!) 

3) insert a pair of light bulbs in one ping-pong ball and secure in place with sticky tape. Continue to put other pairs in different ping-pong balls till all pairs of light bulbs are covered. 

4) drape wherever you want it and light them up! 



  1. I love this, I should try one day !



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