DIY : No-sew T-shirt Pillow!

What you will need:

1) An old (clean) t-shirt of your choice
2) A ruler
3) A pair of scissors
4) A flat surface

1) Lay the T-shirt flat on a flat surface 

2) cut the sleeves off and cut as close to the collar as possible. With the help of a ruler, measure the distance between the print and the collar that you cut off and cut same distance on the opposite side (i.e. middle area of the t-shirt) 
NOTE: this has to be at least two inches long because you will need to tie up the incisions that you will make along the sides (steps given below)

3) Cut away the sides from the shoulders down. So you end up with (two) square piece of cloth (back piece and front piece). Make incisions along all the sides. Incisions must be at least two inches long. (Longer incisions are good too as they will only give an added effect of longer tassels or bigger bows!)

4) Starting from a corner start tying up one back strip and the aligned front strip together. Secure with a double knot. Tie up all sides but one. Insert the stuffing (I used fabric scraps from older projects) and tie up the last side of the pillow. And you're done! 

- Thesisteract 


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