Sunday evening drinks!

Sunday evenings are not complete without a glass of wine - the much  needed drink to reminisce over the weekend well spent and to count the days to the next pay day. If you're like me then you live from weekend to weekend. And of course, the length of the weekend is inversely proportional to how fast it goes by. Three day weekends seem so much shorter than a two day. I guess, that's because I spend most of my time sleeping in on Day1.

And when Monday arrives, when the alarm rings, I almost, almost stop myself from calling in sick. A friend of mine shared a picture on Facebook about how a person calculates the number of earned leaves they have left every Monday morning. Yup, my source of info is Facebook. Lame. I know.

So, my hubby and I went down to a buzzing watering hole on MG road in Pune, 1000 Oaks. I was impressed with the food, drinks, music and most of all how courteous the staff was. We went there for just one drink and 3 drinks later we were dancing and still there. Loved. Recommend.

What I wore - Vero Moda tunic dress and hairband. Louis Vuitton speedy30 with strap in Monogram Idylle Canvas.A 1000 watt smile.


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