Fall/Winter Look 2012 - Winter Wine!

Fall/Winter Look 2012 - Winter Wine!

This is a look that almost always comes back as a popular look for the fall/winter season and also happens to be one that I like and this season more and more women are getting with this dramatic look. Celebrities have been seen wearing this look on the red carpet sporting the berry and wine lipstick hues and they have been paired with either the smokey eye or the winged liner. What's great is that this look is surprisingly easy to achieve by just keeping a few things in mind: 

1st - Pick your Berry: what's the best that suits your skin tone?
     Tip: Fair Skin Tone: Choose something that's dark but sheer like the L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick, Blushing Berry (1) 
Medium Skin Tones: Opt for richer, truer berry like Revlon Berry Rich and Wine With Everything (2 &4) Dark Skin Tone: Choose a deep color that won't blend in with the skin tone like M.A.C. Amorous (3) or M.A.C. Diva
If you have thin lips dark lipstick can make your lips look even thinner but don't worry! Apply a sheer stain of the berry color and use a lipliner/lip pencil to fill it out very lightly. 

2nd- Fresh Face: The key to wearing the Berry lipstick well is to keep the rest of the face fresh and glowing with a clean look because deep lipstick shades clash a lot with heavy blush and bronzer  Apply a Bronzer from the top of your ear to the bottom of your lips and a light blush to the apples of your cheeks. 
3rd - Don't shy on the eye makeup. Lots of celebrities have sported the berry lips with everything from smokey eye (Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez) to the winged eyeliner ( Emma Watson and Michelle Trachtenberg)
Lipsticks worth a try: 
1) L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick, Blushing Berry
2) M.A.C. - Amorous 
3) Revlon - Berry Rich
4) Revlon - Wine With Everything

 Go ahead and try these on for yourself! 

- Bee


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