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Friday, 30 October 2015

All the Rage - Hollywood GLAMGLOW and Braun Rotating Face Cleanser

I'm a woman on the go. I am always going somewhere or coming from somewhere or sleeping. Hey! I got my priorities straight!
So to a girl on the go, a 2.5 hr facial sounds like sucking the fun out of a weekend. This is when I discovered 2 products. I have used them for about 2 weeks now. And every time i use them together, the results are phenomenal.

First product is the Hollywood GLAMGLOW mud mask to foam cleanser. This product has been around for some time now just as a mask. This is the top seller at any Sephora that you walk into. Mostly sold out or on a waiting list. This time the mask was introduced as a cleanser. So the mask is to be used every once a week. The cleanser can be used every day, twice, which is my preference.

What the product does:

  • tightens
  • brightens
  • cleanses
  • enhances radiance
  • reduces fine line

Does the product deliver:
     Yes on all counts. I can see a visible difference in 2 weeks

     All the above and the way it is packaged with a pump. Easy to use and easy to store in those over cramped bathroom cabinets.

     Probably the price. At a cool S$92 for the mask and S$65 for the cleanser, it is pricey

Will I repurchase?
     Hell Yeah!

The other product that I am tripping on is the Braun Facial Exfoliator, which was a steal compared to the Clairsonic at S$140. The Clairsonic is at S$355. These exfoliators are all the rage and after using one i have realised that I strongly agree with all the hype. It is all worth the drama surrounding it.

What the product does:
  • The rotating exfoliating brush buffs the skin
  • removes the dirt, grime and dead cells
  • removes black and white heads. although not 100% but still pretty good
  • leave skin feeling smooth and shiny

Does the product deliver on all counts?
    Yes it does.

  • Does what it promises
  • Can be used with any face wash or cleanser
  • Comes in a cute travel pouch
  • Portable

     Not completely waterproof. The brush needs to be removed to be cleaned thoroughly.

Will I recommend?
     Yes. Very much so.

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