Watching the phone...

I am watching the phone. Waiting. Waiting for it to ring. Make a noise. Wait. Is my phone on mute?

I plunged head on into the dating scene. Not as a rebound. I took my time to find myself back again. Approximately a year or a little less. I was happy with myself. Meaning that you need to get over your ex AND your break up, find a new direction (yourself) get your act together or get a make over and start again. From scratch. It's sounds like a huge task but i assure you it's all worth it.

Anyway, coming back to why I am watching my phone. I got back in the dating scene and went on a many a first dates - some awful, some awesome. The awesome ones lead to second dates, then there were some good second dates and then there were some 'oh god why did i agree to this' second dates. Of the good second dates, i did the forbidden. I got my heart involved. My stupid, stupid heart. So here I am liking this guy and waiting for him to ask me out. Sad as that sounds, that is why i am watching my fuckin phone. Wait I think it rang. No false alarm.

I am going to find my answers about this mad game we play - dating; and we wonder why we haven't yet found the one. WTF!



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