I have broken up with him...

At least in my head coz we were not together yet.

The point is no girl should be treated in a way that she doesnt deserve to be treated. She mustn't allow it at all. Also i think the problem in the dating world is that some women bend backwards for men who dont appreciate them and they in turn kick off a cycle where men start expecting women to take things the way they are and resign to it as if it is their fate.

I am not saying Men are the enemy. Not at all sister! In fact they have more insecurities than we do. Heck, us women can start a blog, write a diary, drink a bottle of gin, cry in front of our friends, over analyze with our siblings and what can they do? Shell up, Clam up or Pull back.

I think it's all about the fit. You know if the shoe fits he'll be your prince charming and you'll be his Cinderella (pardon my analogy, i'm still hungover from the god awful movie night with my gal pals)

So in this case, my case, i think the shoe wasn't fitting even after hours of talking on the phone, texting, cute dates and mind blowing sex. In my case the pull back was peculiar. but before i talk about the pull back, I must assure you that I am not one of those crazy nightmarish obsessive, whydidnthecall, ismyphoneworking, ismydataswitchedoff  kind of girls. I am what they call an Independent woman, who has earned her independence and not willing to part with it.

So the pull back in very simple terms - 1.He made fluid plans (twice) 2, I said yes ("make a plan and i'll make the time") 3. Rescheduled and never confirmed the first time. I didnt bother. Made fluid plans the second time and when I texted to confirm he never returned my text.

Honestly boys we are grown women. I'd much rather hear a sad "i got bit by a whale on my attempt to swim across the Atlantic ocean so I couldn't confirm my plans" than to have our text messages ignored. So I picked up my self respect and put it back exactly where it is supposed to be at. Way up high!

Plus I know a real man will do anything to be with the woman he wants if he was really that into her.



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