Getting back in control...

Only, you are responsible for your happiness. The moment you hand the reigns of that over to someone else, that's where the problem begins. I am learning.

The moment i texted the guy and expected him to take care of my happiness, i realised that that's when he made me unhappy. And why did i blame him really? He didnt even know i handed the remote control of my emotions over to him. So obviously i went to bed crying and unwanted and unloved (yeah right expecting love after a month of dating!)

Anyway, I took back control of my happiness and my feelings.

You know these relationships work in a funny manner. You can't make someone want you. You can't make someone not be themselves and be a text away or a call away. Each person is an individual. They have a life beyond you. You have a life beyond them. Space. I say I need space. It's about time i start meaning it. And if i expect it, I better return it too.

PS - I did get a text back in the morning explaining what happened. Honestly I didnt care since I am back in control of how I feel



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