Don't be afraid to lose someone...

...Who doesn't feel lucky enough to have you.

Have I really hit rock bottom of my self esteem?! WHAT THE FUCK! I have worked very hard to get where I am and be who I am today. I worked on me and chiseled the person I am today. So how am I not convinced that any guy would be damn lucky to even be in my presence?!

I don't get me some times. I don't get how I can always be in so much conflict with myself. Fine I chipped my heart. Oh please! I know it was NOT a heart break since i didn't even know his middle name. But, what I am getting at is how can a girl like me can be so scattered about a failed attempt at a relationship!

You know what? I don't know how men and women play these mad games. When I get into anything, even the sack with a guy, I give it my 100% as if that is the only thing worth fighting for in my life at that very moment. Passion full throttle. Coz that's how you're supposed to live life. Life is today, in the moment and if in that moment you're not even 100% present then I don't know what will you ever give your 100% to?!

So, I don't want to hear that "We don't know what you're so broken up about it's not like it lasted that long or was that deep!" I know it didnt last long but i was in it 100%. And today, i am happy i was in a 100% coz when i look back i had a great time and i do think of it fondly. So i am in a happy place. Hey! At least I tried. And I know I am lot closer to falling in love than those who don't want to take a chance.

Take a chance.



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