DIY : Denim Lace Shorts!

We love the lace shorts trend but must admit that we've found them to be pretty much on the "unreasonably-expensive-for-a-one-season-trend" side. So thought why not make our own?! That way, not only will they custom made but will be unique as well!

What You Need: 

1) A pair of denim shorts (I didn't have a pair of denim shorts so I cut an old pair of jeans at the length that I wanted the shorts to be at and turned them into shorts)
2) Lace trim (you can any color you like OR even sequin trims OR even a pretty fabric!)
4) Needle and thread OR fabric glue
5) Pair of scissors
6) A ruler/measuring inch scale. (measuring tape will do fine as well).


NOTE: In case you're using an old pair of pants, try them on and determine the length you want your shorts to be at. Mark it using a sharpie/pen. Cut straight across the marking and you have your shorts!)

1) Lay the pair of shorts on a flat surface and fold them over down the middle such that the other seams of the shorts align with each other.

2) With a ruler measure from the bottom up how many inches long you want the lace to show (how long the triangle will be). With a ruler also determine, how wide you want the triangle to be. Measure this width (while the shorts are folded) from the outer seam. Remember that this will double once you hold up the shorts as the width will extend to BOTH sides of the outer seam.

3) Cut out the triangle and turn the shorts inside-out.

4) Attach the lace trim. You can stitch these on or if you are as bad as I am with stitching then you can use fabric glue instead. (NOTE: You must let the fabric glue dry for 24 hours minimum. They may be worn after 24 hours of drying. However, it is advisable that you give it for a wash only after at least 72 hours.)

5) Once the glue dries, your shorts are ready to be worn! You may also attach embellishments if you wish to.

STEPS to add the fringes:

1) Make 1 inch incisions around the bottom edges of the shorts (Minimum 2 cms apart. Maximum 5 cm apart.)
2) pull out all the white strings.



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