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Friday, 29 August 2014

DIY : Denim Lace Shorts!

We love the lace shorts trend but must admit that we've found them to be pretty much on the "unreasonably-expensive-for-a-one-season-trend" side. So thought why not make our own?! That way, not only will they custom made but will be unique as well!

What You Need: 

1) A pair of denim shorts (I didn't have a pair of denim shorts so I cut an old pair of jeans at the length that I wanted the shorts to be at and turned them into shorts)
2) Lace trim (you can any color you like OR even sequin trims OR even a pretty fabric!)
4) Needle and thread OR fabric glue
5) Pair of scissors
6) A ruler/measuring inch scale. (measuring tape will do fine as well).


NOTE: In case you're using an old pair of pants, try them on and determine the length you want your shorts to be at. Mark it using a sharpie/pen. Cut straight across the marking and you have your shorts!)

1) Lay the pair of shorts on a flat surface and fold them over down the middle such that the other seams of the shorts align with each other.

2) With a ruler measure from the bottom up how many inches long you want the lace to show (how long the triangle will be). With a ruler also determine, how wide you want the triangle to be. Measure this width (while the shorts are folded) from the outer seam. Remember that this will double once you hold up the shorts as the width will extend to BOTH sides of the outer seam.

3) Cut out the triangle and turn the shorts inside-out.

4) Attach the lace trim. You can stitch these on or if you are as bad as I am with stitching then you can use fabric glue instead. (NOTE: You must let the fabric glue dry for 24 hours minimum. They may be worn after 24 hours of drying. However, it is advisable that you give it for a wash only after at least 72 hours.)

5) Once the glue dries, your shorts are ready to be worn! You may also attach embellishments if you wish to.

STEPS to add the fringes:

1) Make 1 inch incisions around the bottom edges of the shorts (Minimum 2 cms apart. Maximum 5 cm apart.)
2) pull out all the white strings.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Online Shopping meets Personal Styling – Voonik, the app

Let us begin by saying and establishing that we L.O.V.E Online shopping. We love a good deal and we love the convenience of it. We shop online so much that some of the delivery guys have befriended our neighborhood watchman!
Now that you have an idea how much we love online shopping, we must tell you that we goof up some times with our choices. Some. Times. We know that admitting this, is like murder for a Fashion Blogger but hey, we’re human too! So what’s the solution to these “wrong” choices we make? Also, while we say wrong choices, we don’t mean quality or fit issues by the retailer. We mean whether the garment will suit us or not. We are no pool-A models!
“Will I be able to carry it off?” is the most common question we get from people we style or advice and the answer to this question is finally here – Voonik. 

Voonik is your personal stylist on the go. The convenience of someone advising you on your sartorial choices while shopping online and doing both while you’re getting your weekly mani – pedi, can only send your pulse racing! Now how does this work?
First, you have to get the app from your app store. That’s a no – brainer, right?
Once the app is installed, you can use it right away. You can log in with your Facebook or Google or create a login.
The first that pops up is a Personal Stylist quiz. It’s simple and easy but oodles of advantage. You’ll know why we say that.

As a fashion blogger/stylist/adviser, we found this quiz quite holistic. It covered all aspects of a girl’s concern – complexion, height, body shape and personal taste. These are the first few questions a stylist would ask a client.

Thereafter, the app opens up to show you what you may like. And honest-to-God we loved the first garment that popped up for us both. It was “So-Us”! One thing that’s great about Voonik is that, unlike other online retailers, it gives you a choice to Love or Hate/Like or Dislike the merchandise it displays. What you like goes in to your Love List. We love this feature since it creates a platform for other users to see your suggestions from your Love List. So it builds a community.

 The rest of the app is smooth as silk. It’s easy to use and navigate. It works just like how an online shopping app must work. The sizing guide is elaborate and easy to understand. It does not confuse you with sizing conversions.

There are two options for Payment – Cash on Delivery and Online Payment

A word of caution when trying any new online shopping app/site – Always use Cash on Delivery on the first couple of orders till you establish trust with the vendor. I suggest the same with Voonik. There is a Pin code checker available to check if they deliver via COD to your area or not. Quite handy!

Besides all the goodness of a smooth app and the lovely clothes, that some other competitive online shopping sites also offer, the USP of Voonik, as per The Sister Act India, is the delicious add-ons – the accessories. Here are some of our favorites that we are dying to get our hands on:

So Happy Shopping Fashionistas!
The Sister Act India

PS: You can check out their online portal too – www.voonik.com

DOWNLOAD at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.voonik.android

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fall Trend: How to Style a Tartan Skirt

Two simple ways to style a tartan skirt:

Look 1:
Leggings + pair of studded flats + chunky necklace + tote 


Look 2: 
Ankle boots + biker jacket + chunky bracelets + gold chain necklace

Skirt - custom made
Top - City Chic
Leggings - Westside
Accessories - thrifted 
Boots - Pavers England
Studded Flats - Ginger 
Lipstick - Rubis Rouge by Chambor

Photo Credit: Jatin Chojar


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

Colored pants have been trending throughout summer but I'm still wearing these coz well, I'm cool like that. :P I love these green pants and thought they totally deserved an outfit post. Teaming green pants with leopard print definitely makes this one a fierce outfit!

What I'm wearing: green pants- Globus, Top- Chemistry, Shoes- Glam Doll (Assam,India) Bag- boutique in Pune,India, Bangles: Max and Ayesha, Watch: Fossil, Lipstick- Revlon's Take Me As I Am in the color Sensuous Red, and Attitude- blogger's own ;)

Photo credit: Jatin Chojar


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tights --> Pants

Yes, I know what I'm talking about.
No, I don't mean 'leave-nothing-to-the-imagination' kinda tights can be worn as a pair of pants. Ain't nobody wanna see that!

what I do mean, is that personally I think that coloured/printed/neon/velvet pants are overpriced since they're in fashion right now and I can never make up my mind if I would end up wearing them enough or even long enough till the trend goes on. But since I love colors and love these pants and am obviously not willing enough to burn a hole in my pocket, I've figured out a way to own a pair or even a couple of pairs without shelling out a bomb. That's right! Tights or Churidars in about two sizes bigger than I usually wear can be great with a long top. So it's no surprise that I've gone and bought one in every color and pattern! :P  and I love these hot pink ones!

What I'm wearing: Hot pink churidars: Globus, top: Splash, shoes: D'cobblers (gifted), bag: from a boutique in Pune, India, stole: sister's :) Lipstick: Stay With Me Coral by Maybelline

Photo Credit: Jatin Chojar


Sunday, 23 June 2013

New DIY: L.O.L. Shoes!!

Here I am! I can't believe the last post I wrote was on 20th of May. Somehow it hadn't seemed that it had been over a month since I wrote last which is like ages in the blogger world. But getting down to business or well, fashion, I think it's safe to say I was suffering from a "blogger's block". Yes, it happens often to bloggers and none of us can escape it. However, while the neon, striped, sheer, lace and denim trends have been doing the rounds..and re-rounds (Gosh! what an overdoze.) your's truly, has been busy gathering ideas, thoughts and drawing inspiration from various sources to create something beautiful and blog worthy.. and that, for me is just a fancy way of saying "heads up folks! Here's comes the DIYs flood!" :P

To begin with: My LOL shoes!!

What you need:

1) A pair of shoes/heels preferably with a gloss finish and not a velvet or other fabric finish.
2) A bottle of mod podge or other stronghold glue that dries clear
3) A pair of scissors
4) A Comic book of your choice (I chose Archie's since i grew up on them)

How To:

Step 1) Cut comic strips into geometrical shapes or in zig-zagz. however you wish. the idea is to get small pieces.

Step 2) Clean the shoes so the glue can go on smoothly.

Step 3) Apply glue on shoes and apply comic scraps that you cut earlier.

Step 4) let dry. completely!

Step 5) Add a coat of mod podge all over the shoes. let dry completely!

Step 6) Add at least 3-4 coats of mod podge and let dry to make it study and water proof. Let one layer/ coat of the glue dry completely before you add the next to avoid clumping...and you're done! :D

Note: I painted the tips and heels of my pumps to give just a pop a colour and an interesting twist. Feel free to experiment! 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Get Shorty...

Last night, I wore a pair of black shorts, really short shorts. I realized how easy it was to make them look slutty. Make sure you wear something that underplays the length of the shorts. Do not wear a tube or spaghetti strap top with them. You need to strike a balance. Here are some ideas of how to wear a simple pair of denim shorts and make them look classy. I, personally, do not encourage fringed, frayed, distressed, torn, cut off, pockets-hanging-out-from-under-the-shorts shorts. I prefer to keep them classy yet sexy.

Get Shorty

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spring Off-the-Runway trends - 2013

Spring Off-the-runway trends - 2013
                                               Spring Off-the-runway Trends 2013!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Gold On the Go...!

Sometimes, I find inspiration in the simplest of things. I loved this catalogue and wanted to share. It's simple, sweet, refreshing, classic and stylish.

Gold On The Go

Monday, 18 February 2013

Prepare for Summer...!

Summer is almost here and it's time to stock up on summer essential. And by that I do not mean sunscreen. I mean shoes. Here's a guide on what to have this summer in your shoe closet!

Prepare for Summer

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Shoulder it!

Easiest way to 'sexying' it up this season is these off shoulder tops. Pair them with narrow pants or jeans. Wear them with stilettos or ballet flats. Wear them with long ear-rings or studs. You're good to go what ever you choose.

Shoulder it!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wear. This. Now!

Wear this now!

Can be bought in Zara, Aldo Accessories and Mango. Go run, right now! 

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Russian Drama

The Russian Drama

The Russian Drama 

Here's a trend that's catching on fast! I call it the The Russian Drama. Features some of winter's colour palettes like burgundy/Ox Blood and Gold. All about the raw silk texture, fur, the vintage jewelry, gold embroidery and appliques. I love how this lets you bundle up warm and look like an aristocrat! <3

- Bee

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl by arushikha-goswami featuring yellow gold rings

Season 6 of Gossip Girl is finally here! Having watched the show since its start, like most of you I've had a love and hate relationship with the character, Blair but there's no denying the fact, that the girl's got style ;) So here's a pin for the (In)famous :P - Blair Waldorf 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Winter Aesthetic with Mango and That's Chic

Time to get some winter aesthetics in your wardrobe!
Yesterday, I did a little tour of the malls in our lovely city. I just wanted to see where I could find the latest winter trends. The one place where I could find all the trends under one roof was Mango. Pardon my obsession with affordable Mango clothes. Hey can ya really blame for lovin' a bargain?!

So what did Mango have? Baroque-check, velvet-check, sequin-check, black-check, sheer-check, studs-check, leather-check, gold-check...check check check check..! It was all there!!!! My wallet went home dry and empty, but my wardrobe was satisfied! Anyone else sleep better when they have clothes with their tags still on, in their wardrobe?

Winter Aesthetic with Mango and That's Chic

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Denim on Denim for InFB..!

Denim on denim can be just as exciting as a one on one offer at your favorite store. Although all women know how to wear denim on denim, I feel most do the casual to cow girl look more often. So I decided to visually exhibit how you can dress up and dress down denim on denim. The reason why I didn't do pictures of myself is that I have been down with the flu and you wouldn't have liked what you would have seen!

Denim on Denim

This is for the Indian Fashion Bloggers challenge. The link is www.in-fb.com

Monday, 8 October 2012

DIY - Dolce&Gabbana Look

Some times picture speaks louder than words and some times I spend over an hour to put together a collage for you.

DIY - Dolce&Gabbana Look

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wear Two Fall Trends Together...!

It's October and you can feel the crispy chill in the mornings. It's the time when moods lighten and clothes darken.

The two trends trending in town (I'm trying to demonstrate my alliteration skills, as you can see) are the Oxblood and Gold. So far I have seen designers either oxblooding or gold-digging. So I thought why not "dig gold while oxblooding" or "oxblood while gold-digging"?!

Oh you're still reading on? I thought you left after my failed attempt at humor.

So the point I was getting at is that oxblood is color that can work with different shades of colors as well as accents and I found that it works really well with Gold. Check it out...

Wear Two Fall Trends Together...!