New DIY: L.O.L. Shoes!!

Here I am! I can't believe the last post I wrote was on 20th of May. Somehow it hadn't seemed that it had been over a month since I wrote last which is like ages in the blogger world. But getting down to business or well, fashion, I think it's safe to say I was suffering from a "blogger's block". Yes, it happens often to bloggers and none of us can escape it. However, while the neon, striped, sheer, lace and denim trends have been doing the rounds..and re-rounds (Gosh! what an overdoze.) your's truly, has been busy gathering ideas, thoughts and drawing inspiration from various sources to create something beautiful and blog worthy.. and that, for me is just a fancy way of saying "heads up folks! Here's comes the DIYs flood!" :P

To begin with: My LOL shoes!!

What you need:

1) A pair of shoes/heels preferably with a gloss finish and not a velvet or other fabric finish.
2) A bottle of mod podge or other stronghold glue that dries clear
3) A pair of scissors
4) A Comic book of your choice (I chose Archie's since i grew up on them)

How To:

Step 1) Cut comic strips into geometrical shapes or in zig-zagz. however you wish. the idea is to get small pieces.

Step 2) Clean the shoes so the glue can go on smoothly.

Step 3) Apply glue on shoes and apply comic scraps that you cut earlier.

Step 4) let dry. completely!

Step 5) Add a coat of mod podge all over the shoes. let dry completely!

Step 6) Add at least 3-4 coats of mod podge and let dry to make it study and water proof. Let one layer/ coat of the glue dry completely before you add the next to avoid clumping...and you're done! :D

Note: I painted the tips and heels of my pumps to give just a pop a colour and an interesting twist. Feel free to experiment! 


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