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Sunday, 7 July 2013

6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

1) a broad and long scarf/stole (as shown)
2) an imagination :)

Look 1: The Waistcoat 

Sep 1: fold the scarf in half. Such that you are holding the mid point of the scarf in one hand and the ends of the scarf in the other. 

Step 2: Tie the midpoint to the ends you are holding. Like shown in picture 2. 

Step 3: pull apart the sides where you tied the ends and midpoint, like shown. 

Step 4: pull your arms through the two loops formed so that the knot comes on your back below your collar. You're done! 

Look 2: The Bow

Step 1: Bring both ends of the scarf to the front. 

Step 2: Tie in a bow. 

Look 3: The Bag

Step 1: Tie width ends together. 

Step 2: Put the things you need in the bag and sling over arm. 

Look 4: Tie it Up

Tie it to your bag. This adds a fun splash of color to an outfit 

Look 5: The Turban 

Step 1: Bring the ends together (like the first step of the Bow)

Step 2: With the ends in one hand and the loop in the other. Wrap around your head by placing the middle of the folded scarf at the back of your head and bring both ends to the front. Pull the ends through the loop and tuck in the extra ends into the scarf. 

Look 6: The Cover-up 
This works best with a long and a broad scarf or a dupatta. 

Step 1: fold the scarf/dupatta in half (picture 1) and hold the mid point of that half (picture 2) 

Step 2: tie the ends to that mid point (picture 3) 

Step 3: put hands through loops to wear. 

Photo credit: Jatin Chojar & Sushant Pal Jadaun 

Feel free to experiment! 

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