For a flat stomach that I still crave!

Here's a work out that will surely give you the tummy you desire! Or a non-tummy you desire! I have been super obsessed with abs work out since time immemorial. Actually I do remember the date - 4th Sept 2011. My first day in the gym which felt like a scary jungle with people looking at me with judgmental eyes. Oh! Here comes the brand ambassador of obesity. I didn't feel intimidated or small. How could I?! Weighing 108 kgs, I felt that may be i deserved those looks. But I was determined. I knew I would turn those judgmental looks into looks of appreciation; and I did. Yay!

So coming back to the abs work out (deviate much?), here's what to do.


  1. anu i seriously wish i could slim down just as u did...keep goin gal...:)

  2. superb anu...wish i could slim down just like you...Keep up the hardwork girl...:):)

  3. Thanks guys! Its hard work. and I have to work on it everyday. I am still a long way to go!


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