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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

An instant 'pick me up'

The thing that can instantly lift my mood and my spirits, besides the punch of a good espresso, is MAKE-UP. A new lipstick's kiss is better than what Sleeping Beauty had from that Prince Charming, I tell ya! The smell and the touch of a new lipstick would have snapped her right back from her la-la land. Who needs true love's kiss when you have MAC, Chanel, YSL making such delicious lippies! LOL.

OK coming back what to what lifted my spirits from the dreaded viral flu that I caught. I bought myself a lovely coral lipstick from Maybelline(Color Sensational 840 Coral Lustre) and an even better aqua nail color from the same brand. All under 500 rupees! Go on...be jealous!

Why am I telling you this. Coz honest to God, I thought I was throwing away the 500 when I bought the two products under the influence of heavy, very heavy medication. Don't they say at the back of these meds - "Do not buy make-up after consumption" or is that "Do not operate heavy machinery". Well what does it matter! To me both are equally hazardous.

Again coming back to the point that I have been trying to make through four paragraphs is that GO AND GET THESE. They are so amazing for the price and so IN TREND. The products are:

The lipstick is glossy, smooths dry lips, color lasts. I would say this is the best for someone who is in between a lip gloss and a lipstick. Its not very pigmented but looks luscious. Very wearable orange.
The nail paint is matte which I LOVE. It needs two coats and by the time you're painting your last nail, the first one dries. I love that even more. The color is great for transitioning from summer to monsoons to autumn to winter. Hell, I would wear all year long!

So Happy Shopping!

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  1. Me too, it can really make me feel better no matter how the day goes. And this red color is gorgeous. Love it.