Schwarzkopf Bonacure Amino Cell Rebuild Moisture Kick Spray conditioner

Who would have thought that a lazy girl's prayers for a quick conditioner would be answered by Schwarzkopf! When you're in a hurry to get to work and your hair is so unruly and frizzy that all you can do is tie it up, at the cost of looking like a matron!

Or if you have fine, limp hair that tries hard to fight gravity. Then my darlings this Conditioner Spray is your answer!

You heard that right! It's a spray, yup with a nozzle, yup with conditioner, yup it's watery consistency, yup you heard it right missy!

How was my hair before? My hair was dry, damaged, dull and dead. I had been tying my hair up for some time now since my hair would become super frizzy and unmanageable just after it dried(even post conditioning)

How did I use this product? I washed my hair and skipped the conditioner(call me crazy!), towel dried my hair and sprayed a generous amount of this amino cell rebuild spray. Combed out the knots and let it air dry. I was so relieved after about 2-3 hours when my fiancé said that my hair looked exceptionally smooth and shiny! Then I did the unthinkable! I ran my fingers through my hair. Usually my hand would get stuck or I'd break a nail or two, but this time! I could run it all the way through! Wooohooo!! And have been able to do it since then!

My job is not to tell you guys what this product contains, or what particular ingredient does what! That's what google is there for! I am here to tell you that THIS STUFF WORKS! Its excellent for all hair types and for everyone who wants their hair looking nice and bouncy! Honestly I would rather use this than Moroccan Oil(which is considered best in class)! I have used MO for over 2-3 yrs and now I think I can break up with it since it wasn't delivering what I wanted. I want quick & easy, light weight, no hassle/mess, easy use, anti frizz, anti dryness, anti dullness! And now I know that it's called Schwarzkopf Bonacure Amino Cell Rebuild Spray Conditioner! Wait, did I tell you that it's just Rs540/- and lasts up to 4 months?


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