Must Haves from Lush that save big bucks in the Salon..!!

Hello ITnistas,

I thought it's about time that we walk in to Lush Store in the Inorbit Mall and not get confused or distracted by the rainbow colored soaps and the almost, almost breath taking (or suffocating for some) smell! I had my time too when I would just buy the soaps and not know the power of Vegan Lush Products and how they would transform me and my beauty salon bills! I no longer require monthly clean ups or facials, or de-tanning or brightening packs, or whatever the beautician thinks is wrong with my face.

So here's my list of MUST HAVEs from Lush for the problems you might have:


Oily Limp Hair - Your savior is BIG. This shampoo will lift your roots to astronomical heights and keep it there. You will have the volume you always wanted. Honestly, this IS the best build up cleansing, oil removing, volumnizing shampoo in the market. It has coarse pieces of sea salt and a lemon base. Both give you a lot of shine, healthy shine. It of course smells divine! Priced at 1550/- for the tub, it goes for a month and half if used alternate days.

Dry Damaged Hair - If you have dry damaged hair and your beautician has been pestering you to get a Deep Conditioning Treatment that will cost you a bomb and mind you, you need atleast 4 sittings! I suggest you try H'Suan Wen Hua.  This Deep Conditioning product has an array of ingredients which you know will be great for you! It has bananas, avacado, eggs, balsamic vinegar, bay leaf infusion, etc! All of these work on getting rid of dry, fried ends. It has a smell you need to get over. Although it has eggs no eggy smell AT ALL! Wash will room temperature water ONLY!

Hair that needs rescuing from constant damage - Your shampoo is Rehab. This shampoo has an olive oil base that will strengthen you hair and control breakages.It has fresh pineapple juice, peppermint and juniper to stimulate hair growth. This one's for you if you flat iron or color or both your hair often.


Dull Tanned Face - If you want instant brightening and de-tanning, get Ocean Salt. It will scrub away all the dullness and you need to use it every time you feel you need to de-tan or exfoliate.

Blocked enlarged pores/Black&Whiteheads - If you want to unclog your pores, then your product is Herbalism. It mattifies the skin but doesn't make it dry. It clears up blemishes and decongests your pores. It makes the skin clearer

Fine Lines/Laugh Lines Or Big Pores - If you have fine line or laugh line or need to tone your enlarged pores then the fresh face mask Ayesha is for you. It leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin feeling and looking supple. This is perfect before you have a date, an event or you just wanna look like you had a great night's sleep.

Your skin needs Deep Cleansing  - After a day out in the Big Bad World, every girl deserves to get herself looking like a million bucks again. And that is guaranteed by Brazened Honey. This product contains Ginger which deeps cleanses and refreshes tired skin.


Fatigue and Only a Bath can beat it out - If you're feeling tired and an instant pick me up, then IT'S RAINING MEN is for you. Oh Gosh! Don't you just love the sound of that already! Smells of honey and leaves you with a sweeeeeeet fresh feeling!!!

Please ask the sales assistant for more assistance! All these products have been tried and tested by me. And these have been bought more than once.

Have a great time at Lush!

IT Fashionista


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