Lean Mango Lemonade..under 100 calories

So I went to this pretty li'l bistro in Hyderabad that serves lovely beverages and yummy food. Although refreshing, the drinks were a tad high on calories, and you know how we count every calorie we put in our bodies!!! Lol..! Vanity Insanity, i know!

I had the Mango Lemonade which was highly recommended by a fellow fashionista. It was delicious. And what's even better is that I came up with a leaner recipe. So try it out and let me know how it was.

You need:
1. 30 ml of Tropicana Mango juice (with no added sugar/preservatives.
2. Juice of 1 small lime
3. Rock Salt
4. Sugar free natura (optional)
5. Cold water(sparkling or flat)
6. Ice
7. A straw
8. An easy chair
9. A beautiful day

Mix the lime juice, rock salt and sugar free in a bowl. Add the cold water and stir. In a tall glass, add the mango juice and pour in the lime water mix. Add ice cubes and the straw. Stir n Sip while sitting on the easy chair. Enjoy the beautiful day. All under 100 calories!


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