Homemade Glow Pack for Eid!

Here's wishing all you stunning ITnistas a very happy Eid. May you get all that your heart desires! My little Eid gift to you guys is this Homemade Radiance and Glow Pack. Ultra simple and super easy!

What it does: It instantly brightens your face and make it glow. A very good base for the dewy makeup trend.

You need:
1. 20 ml milk (full cream)
2. Half a lime
3. Cotton

Squeeze a few drops lime juice in to the milk, such that the milk curdles and lumps up. Using the cotton dab this on your face ensuring that you apply both the sticky lumps and rest of the liquid too. Let it stay on your face for 10 mins and wash off with water. Do not apply soap after. So I suggest you wash your face first and then apply this pack.

And now you can GLOW AWAY this Eid!!!!



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