Acne, Pimple, Redness Solution - Tried and Tested

I think I have hit jackpot as far as acne, pimple and redness solution goes. After going through a bad phase(face) of pimples recently, I have concluded that a certain range of products work very well. You will see changes in 3-4 days..yes I said DAYS! I have my empty bottles to prove that it works and also that this is the 3rd time I have bought these. I even went ahead and recommended these products to a friend, and honest to God, I saw changes in 3 days and in a week, her pimples have receded.

So what are these products and how to use them:

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash: Use this whenever you wash you face, which I am assuming is at least twice, morning and evening.

2. Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion: Use at the end of your day to remove make up, dirt and grime from you skin. Follow up by washing your face with the Body Shop Tea Tree Facial wash.

3. Vichy Normaderm Triple Action Anti Acne Hydrating Lotion: This lotion will mattify your skin as well as hydrate and moisturize it. You can use it day and night. However, it doesn't have SPF. So my advice would be to use it in the evening. and THIS STUFF works! It is also the 2011 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

These three together will change your skin for the better and I say that after using it for over 3 months and getting results. If you look at my skin you will never think that I had a crazy bout of acne and pimples.

Hope this helps you too!



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