I moved...again...

I have been MIA for a while now. A year to be exact and I’m not very happy about it. I’ve always loved writing but somehow i felt i lost my fire.
Singapore was very kind to me. I met some of the best people - friends, frenemies, lovers and heartbreakers. So many good memories that some times when I’m by myself on the train or tram, my mind often wanders back to those days. 
So where did I move? To heaven on earth. The paradise that many flock to! Switzerland. And Zurich to be precise. And I’ve enjoyed each day I’ve been here! 
I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to explore, wander and never get too comfortable in a situation. I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of the unknown and moving from the high-energy-never-sleeps tropical city to quiet, laid back, enjoy-every-moment mountain-city has been quite a change! It was a snap decision. Boss called, asked if I’d be ok to move. I said “Hell yeah!” Pretty much what happened. 
Therefore, i spent most of my 2017 winding up and enjoying the tropical city and bracing myself for the next adventure of a lifetime. 
The best part about moving to a cold country - being able to wear make up and not have it melt off in an hour. Down side - wearing on layers and layers of clothes. I don’t remember wearing more that 2 pieces of clothing in Singapore! Jeeeeeezzzzzaaaass! The time it takes me to get outta the door is hilarious. 

I’m back to writing - albeit on and off - i do have a full time job that actually pays. Haha. 

Do you think I should buy my own domain? 

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