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I have often been asked how I manage to match or compliment an outfit with the right accessories even if I'm running late. Or that I must take at least an hour and half to get dressed in the morning. I'm finally ready to answer that...are you ready? Here's the answer: The truth is...I, just like you, don't have all the time in the world! I value my sleep. Waking up two hours early just to get dressed is not my thing either. It's just about smart organisation! I should  now add, that organization didn't come easy to me.

After many broken and lost accessories I realized I just couldn't take the heartache anymore and thought to myself, that there just had to be better ways to store it all instead of just packing it away in boxes and forgetting about them because I do seem to suffer from the out-of-sight-out-of-mind syndrome as I'm sure most of us do when it comes to accessories. To top it all, the boxes were occupying too much space and with all the accessories piled together in one, most of them where breaking or tarnishing. I had had enough. I wanted something fun and practical and I also didn't want to shell out a bomb on it.

So here's what I did and must say has worked well over the past couple of years. I'm hoping it'll help you get some ideas too without burning a hole in your pocket:

1) The Cake Stand: 
Don't have one? Buy one because they're worth it! They come in various shapes, sizes and colors and are not too expensive. You can obviously use it for more than just stacking cakes or cupcakes on it! Accessories, hair ties or even perfumes.If you're into DIYs (Do it Yourself Projects) you could always make one with old plates, glasses and a hot glue gun!

2) Cup Stands, Bangle Stands or Clothes Hangers:
Definitely deals with my out-of-sight-out-of-mind syndrome and the clothes hanger is definitely a space saver! I have more bangles than I have stands so this works well for me and I can pick the bangles that match an outfit when I open my closet.


3) Wine Bottles, Tea Cups and Glass Jars: 
Stack all your stretchy or clasp bracelets, on empty wine bottles and beer bottles. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly and take off the labels.
Got a lot of perfume samples lying around? Put them all in a pretty tea cup. Looks vintage, classy and is functional at the same time. You'll never lose your samples again!

4) Scarf Earring Storage: This is my favorite storage DIY!! It made getting dressed in the morning a breeze!
What you need: a clothes hanger and a stole/scarf you don't use anymore. Hang the stole over the clothes hanger and hang all your dangling earrings on it. (Make sure to pass the hook through both sides of the stole). You can hang all your hoops on both sides of the clothes hanger.

I made mine from a piece of fabric from an old skirt. I didn't have a long enough piece, which is why I just stitched mine on the top after I folded it over the clothes hanger.Voila!

6) The Jewelry Tree:
For your long necklaces and short ones too!
What you need:
A dried out shrub (see picture below)
A box for the base or even a flowerpot.
A foam board and hot glue gun/powerful adhesive
pebbles to fill up the base

Stick the base of the shrub into the foam board and glue in place. Glue down this base to the bottom of the flower pot. Fill up the flower pot with the pebbles. That's it! You could spray paint the jewelry tree as well.


5) The Tie Hanger:
For all you long necklaces, this is a blessing! you could hang it out in your room by your dresser/vanity, like I do or you could hang it inside your closet.

7) A Tall Order:
Put all your hair bands in a vase or a tall glass.

Some more fun ideas:

The Anatomical:

The Old Figurine:

The Candle Sticks:

Box of Shades: great space saver, this one!

Hope you find these useful!



  1. O I loved these.. Few of them I already have been using personally.. But this scarf thing is too good.. :D

  2. Theses ideas are awesome ! Nice blog :)



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