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Sunday, 11 August 2013

DIY - Ripped Denims!

Want a pair of ripped denims but can't find the perfect one? Tried to do it yourself and ended in a disaster? Well, been there. Done that! So I'm going to share with you how you can get a pair of ripped denims that are perfect for you! Through a DIY! Now you can do your own pair of designer ripped denims without shelling out a bomb!


What you'll need: 

1) An old pair of denims (at least till you're confident enough to try the technique on a new pair of denims)

NOTE: this does NOT work well on denims with a lot of Lycra/stretch) 

2) A pair of scissors

3) A good movie or favorite tv show (I'll explain why, later.) :D 

Before you begin
Lay out you old pair of denims on a flat surface. Open and face up. Know where your knees fit on the denims and accordingly you could either rip it above, below or on the knee area.

Step 1: 
Choose the leg that you want to give the ripped effect to. Align the inner and outer seams together as shown. 

Step 2: 
Fold it along this new line that is formed when you align the two seams. 

Step 3:
Once folded cut parallel lines an inch apart and half inch apart into the denims along the fold line. Alternate the inch length. They are not supposed to be even as uneven cuts will give a more natural effect. (Notice how in 2 the cuts dont end at the same point.)
Remember that when you unfold the denims the inch you've cut, doubles (as shown in 2 and 3 below).


Step 4: 
Turn the denims inside out. You should now be able to see blue strings running vertically and white strings horizontally. Start pulling out the blue strings from the cuts you've made. This is going to be time consuming so put on a movie or your favorite show! 

Step 5:
Throw the denims in for a wash in you washing machine. This helps the strings around the ripped areas get a more naturally worn ou look. And you're done! 


Other effects: 

1. Use a razor lightly on your pair of denims to scuff it up or slightly scrape it to add to the worn - out effect. 

2. If you want to give them a faded and a worn out effect then buy some sand paper from your local hardware store and rub on the knee areas and thigh areas of the denims. Also the the back pockets; edges of the front pockets and around the ankle seams a little. 

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