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Monday, 22 April 2013

DIY - Picture Frame Stud-Earring Holder!


Okay, so I know it's just a DIY and I do them often...nothing big about DIYs but there's something you should know about why I do these. Yes, I like to make things look pretty and organized. However, besides that, it's my stress buster..mostly when I can't go get some "retail therapy" (read Shopping) done. haha!! 
  So you might just see a few DIYs coming up soon since my exams start next month! :P 

Annnyyywayyyy...moving on! I've wanted to do this one for a while now and finally had all the stuff I needed to make it! yay! Don't get me wrong, I'm not the in-your-face-display-everything kinda girl...okay maybe just a little. But I'm more the "out of sight. Out of mind" kinda girl. So it's a great way to know what you have so you don't end up buying the same thing again. (been there, done that!)  

Here's what you'll need
1) A photo frame (with a stand to make it sit upright) 
(size- depending on choice/how many stud-earrings you have) 
2) Some sheer fabric, not too stretchy. I chose net.
3) Hot Glue gun
4) A pair of scissors

4) paint and brushes of choice
5) embellishments

Step 1: 

Pull the picture frame apart so that you're left with just the frame. 
Mine was an ugly gold shiny one so i painted it metallic pink on the front side and back for a neat finish.

Step 2: 

Keeping the glass from the frame over the fabric0net of choice cut an inch around the glass. 

Step 3: 

Turn the frame over (front/face facing downward) and stick the net on the back so there are no creases, with a hot glue gun or industrial strength glue. I think Hot glue gun works best. Once it dries, cut of the excess sticking out around the sides with scissors.  

Step 4:

Cut out the strip where the stand is attached to the back of the frame. I painted mine on both sides to give it a nice smooth finish. Place the strip in place so that when the stand it opened, it sits evenly on a platform and then once you have that, glue it in place. 

Step 5: Optional

Embellish it and you're done!

Pictures to follow: 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I Like Big Bows and I Can Not Lie

A new DIY!

I've been obsessed with DIYs lately, and with bows and well, with my glue gun! Since the time I've bought it I seem to be doing a craft project every other day! This time it's making bows!
And here's how you can make bows:

What you'll need:
1. Fabric (new or some old one that you just can seem to let go of)
2. A pair of scissors
3. A hot glue gun
4. Some clips
5. Old news paper (to protect the surface you're working on form the hot glue.)

Step One: cut out a length of fabric that is twice the length and width of the bow size you actually want. (the next steps will make it clear why you need the twice as much length and width) The edges don't have to be neat since you'll be folding them.

Step Two: with the patterned side facing down, fold length wise and glue down the middle. Then fold and glue down the other side. After the folding, you'll get the width you actually want for the bow. Picture 3

Step Three: now repeat step 2 but with the widths of the fabric and glue down. Like shown in picture 4. If your fabric is thin this folding makes it stiff to make a proper bow. If your fabric is stiff enough from the beginning then avoid the folding steps BUT make sure the edges are super neat and even!

Step Four: turn it over so that the smooth side faces you and fold like a fan, length wise and glue down, pictures 5 and 6.

Step Five: Cut a strip of the same fabric or a different one and wrap it around the middle twice and glue down on the back. This hides the ends of the fabric folded at the back from steps 2 and 3. Picture 7.

Step Six: glue a tac clip on the back, let dry and you're done! Or you could sow it on to a bag.

Have fun making your own bows!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

DIY - Loosen Your Tight Shoes!

DIY - Loosen Your Tight Shoes!

DIY - Loosen Your Tight Shoes

For Leather Shoes: 
Wear thick socks and add heat:
- Put on the thickest socks you have and squeeze your feet into the shoes.

-Heat the tight area of the shoes using a hairdryer gently and bend your feet back and forth as much as you can for 20-30 seconds. 

- Remove the heat source but leave the shoes on until they have cooled. Try the shoes on with your normal socks or stockings.

- Repeat until the shoes have stretched enough.

For Non-Leather Shoes: 
Freeze them with a bag of water:
- Fill a hole-free ziplock sealable sandwhich bag or similar plastic bag about one third to halfway with water and seal tightly. One bag for each or your shoes. 

- Place a bag inside each shoe and push into place so that it fills your entire shoe. 

- Place your shoes in the freezer, (if you're living with someone then make sure to ask them before if they are okay with it) and let them sit until the water freezez. As the water freezes, it will expand into your shoes, gently stretching it. 

-Remove from the freezer and let them thaw for about 20-30 minutes before trying to remove the bags. 

-Try the shoes on again to see how the shoes fit and repeat after a while if needed. 


Thursday, 8 November 2012

DIY Storage - Ring Box

Here's a fun and a totally inexpensive way to store those rings and keep them easily accessible at the same time.

What you need:
1) A box (the size of the box depends on how big you want the box to be. It can be any size from a shoe box to a keil's box)
2) Some sponge (available in hardware stores. I got mine from a sponge packaging that a gift from a friend arrived in)
3) Black fabric
4) Wrapping paper of your choice
5) A pair of scissors
6) Hot glue gun or a glue stick.


1)Wrap the box with the wrapping paper. Wrap the lid and base separately so that the box can open. If the box is attached from one side, like mine is, then wrap the bottom part first and tape/glue down the side of the wrapping paper where the box is attached to the lid and then take another piece of the wrapping paper and wrap the lid. You may embellish it if you like ;)

2) Cut sponge into strips that fit along the length of the box. Cut enough number to make it a tight fit (like shown in pic) If the box is longer on two sides like that of a shoe box than cutting the sponge strips down to the length of the box is less time consuming than cutting many strips along the side of the width.

3) Once you have the strips, wrap the strips in black fabric individually and glue the end down to seal. (as shown)

4) place the strips in the box and glue in place.

Place your rings and you're done!

Finished product:

So go ahead and organize that pile of rings that's been sitting in your drawer that you almost never get around to wearing. ;)


Monday, 8 October 2012

DIY - Dolce&Gabbana Look

Some times picture speaks louder than words and some times I spend over an hour to put together a collage for you.

DIY - Dolce&Gabbana Look

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wear Two Fall Trends Together...!

It's October and you can feel the crispy chill in the mornings. It's the time when moods lighten and clothes darken.

The two trends trending in town (I'm trying to demonstrate my alliteration skills, as you can see) are the Oxblood and Gold. So far I have seen designers either oxblooding or gold-digging. So I thought why not "dig gold while oxblooding" or "oxblood while gold-digging"?!

Oh you're still reading on? I thought you left after my failed attempt at humor.

So the point I was getting at is that oxblood is color that can work with different shades of colors as well as accents and I found that it works really well with Gold. Check it out...

Wear Two Fall Trends Together...!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Same dress - Casual to Festive...

This dress is from Sheike in Sydney. It's a lovely coral satin silk tunic dress cinched at the waist. Chic and Comfy. A perfect dress that can be dressed up or dressed down. Whenever I buy an expensive dress(spent 199.95 AUD on this dress), I make sure that it is versatile and that it allows my accessories to transform the dress. That's a tip ladies..!

The shoes are from Charles and Keith, the yellow bag is from a boutique in Shillong, the nude and coral clutch is from ALDO. The background is my make-shift studio at home. Photo credits to my sister Bee Bubbly

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Homemade Glow Pack for Eid!

Here's wishing all you stunning ITnistas a very happy Eid. May you get all that your heart desires! My little Eid gift to you guys is this Homemade Radiance and Glow Pack. Ultra simple and super easy!

What it does: It instantly brightens your face and make it glow. A very good base for the dewy makeup trend.

You need:
1. 20 ml milk (full cream)
2. Half a lime
3. Cotton

Squeeze a few drops lime juice in to the milk, such that the milk curdles and lumps up. Using the cotton dab this on your face ensuring that you apply both the sticky lumps and rest of the liquid too. Let it stay on your face for 10 mins and wash off with water. Do not apply soap after. So I suggest you wash your face first and then apply this pack.

And now you can GLOW AWAY this Eid!!!!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gold, Bronze and Lots of Sun

This one's a DIY and an outfit of the day! 

Getting this fun mullet skirt: 

From this outdated dress:

I cut out the bottom half of this gold dress (material: feels like chiffon) along with the elastic at the waist and folded and hemmed the front of the dress to make the front shorter than the back giving it the same look as a mullet skirt. :)

And Voila! 

 What I'm wearing: Black puffed sleeve top from Revolution. Mustache neckpiece and studded bag from Accessorize; Bangle cuff from Westside; skirt made from a dress from Nexus. Shoes from Charles & Keith; watch by Allen Solly. 

Makeup: Foundation - L'oreal True Match; Liquid liner - Revelon; Khol - M.A.C; Blush - Chambor; Highlighter - Revelon color stay 

So go ahead and turn a boring dress into a fun skirt! Don't just stick to plain solid colors, go ahead and try various prints too and if you're like me then you know that adding embellishments and jazz to your creation is always an option too! ;) and you can turn it into an evening look or just wear to a lunch out with friends.


Monday, 13 August 2012

DIY - Coin Peter Pan Collar!

If you've seen my previous post, here  then you've seen the neckpiece that I made that I'm wearing in the post. This is the DIY for it! It's super simple and took me about 20 mins to make. I'm serious!

What you'll need: 

 1)An old metallic belt. 

 If you were like me and statshed up on metal belts when they were a rage back in the day then this should be easy to find. If not, you can find one in a local costume store or a thrift store
(Try General Bazaar here in Hyderabad) 

2) Ribbon
3) A pair of scissors or pliers 
(use to pry open the chain links. Since I didn't have a plier, I used a pair of scissors.)

5) stop beads 
(Any small beads will do just make sure its big enough for 4 strings of ribbon to just manage to pass through. It should feel tight so the necklace doesn't become lose when you put it on.)

How to make: 

Step 1: Select a section of the belt that you want to use. Since my belt had the loops, making a peter pan collar suited it best. I also made another one with three loops, using the longer bit of the belt for the center. 

Step 2: While cutting the ribbon, measure approximately how long you want the the neckpiece to be and how flexible you want it with regard to its length and then cut twice that because you will need to loop the ribbon through the last link of the collar. You can choose to just tie a ribbon on the last link if you want but i think this just looks neater and more importantly a single string of ribbon on both ends will mean only two ribbons passing through the stop beads which will not be enough to slow the bead down on the ribbon. 

Step 3: once you've looped the ribbon through the last chain link, pass both strings through the stop bead and then tie the two ends of that ribbon together. Do the same with the other end of the neckpiece. Be sure to pass the two strings on the other end through the stop bead as well before you tie a knot. This will need a little more patience since it will be slightly harder to put two more strings through after the first two have been put through. 

Step 4: Wear it!

Hope you try this for yourself! Feel free to leave any comments you may have about your versions of this DIY!