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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Watching the world go by in Haji Lane

I love having a great subject to photograph and there is no subject better than my dear Padre, my father, my partner in crime.
The last time he visited, I had an amazing opportunity to get a few shots of my suave Dad.

See the real picture?

Sometimes it's hard to tell the real from the glam. I'm starting a photo editing series to see if our audience can tell a real #notfilter from a fake.
Keeping it real!
PS: This photo was taken by a cutie i met in Singapore. I edited it and put his name as a copyright. So I'm not stealing any credit.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Over-think (verb) - to unnecessarily put unnecessary thought into equally unnecessary things/actions/words spoken.

Girls - while we are blessed to have a multidimensional point of view, we are also cursed with the flip side of thinking of a situation in multidimensional perspectives of people who aren't even thinking of the said situation. I guess it comes with the territory.

Have you ever wondered why us women can speak about something for hours with other women? That is also known as gossip or like us sisters like to put it - over analysis/over-thinking.

We have actually made a sport of it. I will text my ever-so-smart sister asking her if she had 5 mins (read an hour) to over analyse something with me. Here 'over-analyse' is actually the opposite of what this sport entails. We actually try to under-analyse a situation/ event that we may have analysed unnecessarily. Therefore, we take this sport pretty damn seriously. And I suggest you do the same. Give your pretty lil heads a break. Give yourselves a break.

You are responsible for your actions, your words, your emotions put into words. How the others process it is not your problem. If you remember this always, you will remain true to who you are and not over think stuff.

I am learning it the hard way. Learning nonetheless. I realize it's a fear or worry deep inside to be accepted that leads to this terrible situation. As you grow older you overcome it. I swear I am seeing an improvement in me. But I am far from being apologetic about it. I think over-thinking is a byproduct of being a nice person, when you are actually putting an effort in understanding how the others process it. But to a limit, to a limit when it means you put a thought into it. Not a billion thoughts into, equipped to cripple you to a point that you're unsure what you can or can not say. It's honestly not your problem.

I wish it was simpler. I wish we weren't so 'gifted'. I am not into the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus stuff so much but I think the men have it simple. Simple needs, simple thoughts. We are complicated only because we choose to complicate ourselves.

I persevere to simplify myself. And I suggest you do the same. We don't need to be validated.