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Sunday, 5 August 2012

New Perfume in town and at just Rs 1650/-

I was out on my usual Sunday rounds of the Shopping Malls, looking for stuff I could tell you guys about. I came across the new 2012 Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom perfume. 

What I have always loved about Elizabeth Arden is how wearable it is in India, esp in Hyderabad. You know how temperatures effect perfume. I always felt that fresher floral notes are more suited for India. And Elizabeth Arden Green Tea range of perfumes have always been fresh and citrus-y. They have also been well received by a lot of women in India. I have had every one of their summer specials - Lotus, Camellia, Lavender and Intense. And now Cherry Blossom.

This perfume is oriental, given the cherry blossoms in it. It's the perfect mix of the fresh and floral. Often times manufacturers go wrong with mixing the two. Often times companies either offer fresh or floral. However, Cherry Blossom delivers on both aspects very well.

When would you wear this perfume? I would probably wear it in the day, even to work. Its not distracting or over-powering, unlike other oriental perfumes. It is, in fact, quite pleasant and leaves behind a trail. 

How does it deliver on the Money aspect? It is priced at 1650 for 50 ml, which is think is pretty affordable for a perfume that packs in so much goodness. The price was more of the reason why I bought it without giving it a second thought. Like the smell, loved it after half an hour on the skin and costs Rs1650/-. Hell yeah I want it!

Who is this perfume best suited for? Any and every girl, who wants to feel fresh and sensual at the same time...and hey that's quite a combination!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Product Review - Mascara, The Best among the Best

They say the flutter of a woman's lashes can take down cities!

I am sure ITnistas that you have heard, read, followed many, many Mascara reviews in the past. They must have convinced you to go and buy them as well, and most of you did. And then you were stuck with something that didn't deliver what it promised.

And what about those super fake mascara ads??!!! They wear fake lashes and promise you that ONE swipe of the mascara will transform your life forever!!! Whatever, right?!

But fear not, I set out on an adventurous journey in search of the mighty mascara, that did give me a new life beyond eyeliners and kohl pencils. It was my calling that I had to help you out to achieve this life altering event.
Drama continues...

So ladies, here's my list, in the order of least preference...Remember ALL of these mascaras are the best. But I want you to have the best among the best for your purpose and type of lashes:

1. Maybelline Hyper Curl - If you have long but not voluminous lashes. It gives you the best volume and curl. It has a curved wand which reaches the smallest of lashes. You can build on this and go up to 4 coats. This WILL instantly show a difference. Downside - you need a makeup remover to take it off.
2. Bourjois Volume Clubbing - If you have normal length and thin lashes, it gives you great volume but you have to wait for atleast 2-3 coats to see a difference. Although water proof, it doesn't stick like war paint on your lashes. I can take it off with water and my face wash.
3. Colossal Volum Express - If you have thin and short lashes, this one's for you. This mascara has been talked about a lot. It IS one of the best in the market now, but it doesn't give you the lashes you want in 1-2 coats. This is a mascara that you need to build to get the desired effects. You do see a major difference immediately. This mascara has a rounded wand that reaches every lash. Unfortunately, the same causes it to some times come on to your lid. So you have to be careful while using it. It comes off easily.
4. L'oreal Volume Million - If you have short lashes and you only want volume, this one's for you. The bristles are super short. That's what you notice first about it. The wand is bendy so be careful while putting it back in. So what does this one do. I was impressed that it caught my smallest lashes and added volume to it. It defined the tiniest ones in the inner corner of the eye. My lashes looked full, but not too long. This one comes off easily too.
5. L'oreal Double Extension - If you have short sparse lashes, then this one's for you. Easy to use. One Swipe makes a ton of difference. Use the White base first, then the Black top coat. You don't have to wait for the white to dry. If any mascara has delievered the ONE SWIPE challenge, then it's this one. You get your OMG length and your va-va-voom volume. Very easy to take off. It comes off in tubes. The way it works is that it forms tubes around your lashes. It has this lengthening serum too that claims to make your lashes grow, but I haven't put my money on that.

So what is the secret to great lashes? The secret is not using just one mascara, it's using two different types, one on top of the other. My secret is that I use Lo'real Double Extension (1 coat) and then Colossal Volum Express(2 coats) and I get lashes that can take down cities!

Wild Rose-Season's Best..!

Season's best in the season's hottest hue..

Do check them out at The Body Shop, MAC Cosmetics, Lush, Parcos. All in the IT area, in the Inorbit Mall.

IT Fashionista

Thursday, 2 August 2012

YSL for Facebook

Now this is what I call the perfect inspiration...Fashion inspired by Social Networking...Social Networking thriving on IT..Hence Fashion thrives on IT. Wow..!! What a revelation..!!! Genius me!! LOL

So what do I think of the colors on our lovely olive skin..

The colors are super easy to glide on...well pigmented...smooth..no patches...
How would i wear:
Blue and the Grayish Purple:
Just swipe it across your lid closer to your lash line. Apply mascara. Apply kajal to the lower lash line and smudge using a smudging brush with some of the blue eyeshow. Apply mascara to lower lashes(optional)
As a highlighter under my brow peaks
For smoky eyes. Repeat what you did for the Blue or the Greyish Purple. Apply the Black with an angled brush close to the lash line, pulling it out for the cat eye look. Blend well.

And should you buy it? It's too pricy for a product that doesn't scream out YSL..just says eye shadow..Although I'm hoping they give it out to all the facebook employees... :)

IT Fashionista

Monday, 30 July 2012

Product Review - Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer

Clinique DDM Review
I have always admired Priyanka Chopra, her radiant dusky skin and her beautiful smile. So when I read an interview of hers in which she said she uses the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, I wanted to give it a try. I was quite in luck when my cousin brought me a whole kit full of Clinique's best sellers. So you can look forward to more reviews on Clinique Products.

As a software engineer, I know how you're always running out of time. We don't get time for our facials or beauty treatment. Well I was lucky enough to come across a product that dramatically delayed the need for a facial treatment. No wonder it's called the Dramatically Different Moisturizer.

A swatch:

Available at Shopper's Stop in GVK One.
  • What it did to my skin: Improved the texture, made it supple instantly, my skin just drank it up.
  • When do I use it: ALL THE TIME NOW..!! Morning and Evening, and even before my workout.
  • After 2 weeks: Hey I didnt have to wait 2 weeks for the result. My skin was radiant after a day, and my face highlighter went back to the drawer
  • Would I recommend it: Yes
  • Is it worth the money: I would say MAYBE since all it does is hydrate and you need a sunscreen after it.
All in all, a good product but pricy!